by Vicente Maranca

10 Great Fish Finders (Sonar Units) Today

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onar (fish finders) has been a mainstay of serious anglers’ strategies ever since Lowrance launched the Little Green Boxback in 1959. Now, thanks to a steady stream of technological advancements, fish finders offer a wider window than ever into the mysteries of the underwater world.While you can find fish with one of those original units, today’s sonar systems—coupled with GPS navigation—offer imagery, functions, and overall performance unparalleled in fishing history. Our list (presented in alphabetical order) includes a variety of choices in sonar at different price points, so you can match our picks to your style of fishing, without breaking your budget. To spice things up, we included a few chartplotting options, along with a fine camera combo. Fish finders, sonar, are a must have for ever angler.see more



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