Starting a business is not something that should be taken lightly. Running a business involves time, effort, planning, and money. The mistake that most entrepreneurs make is failing to take the time to think about the location where they plan to set up a business. Location matters for a variety of reasons, one of which is the fact that it determines how difficult it will be for a business to receive funding or how much talent they have access to when filling up their workforce. When one is starting a business, they will need these resources to get up and running, and location happens to encompass most if not all of these resources. Here are some of the places you should consider going to when starting up a business.

Oklahoma City

When setting up a business in Oklahoma, you will enjoy the strong business-lending environment and the low costs of living. It is ideal for starting up a business since it is growing fast. Unlike the cutthroat competitions in well-developed cities, you get to enjoy minimum competition and high demand for various commodities and services. According to Gizmodo, Oklahoma City is among the three Cities in the U.S. that have good jobs, affordable housing, and high quality of life. In addition, if you have the documents needed, it may take as short as a day to get your business legally set up and ready to operate.


The Magic city is known to have a diverse population, making it an ideal place for business due to the different target audiences your brand can appeal to. Miami City is also known to have various incubators, and this will give your business a chance to get the resource required to grow at affordable rates. If you set up a business in this city, you will have an opportunity to learn from events like Startup Weekend Miami, which is a platform that is used by entrepreneurs to discuss ideas and hear talks being given by renowned business people.

New York City

The Big Apple offers a myriad of funding opportunities for relatively nascent companies. Regardless of whether you are starting up cabinet painter companies or industrial firms, you are bound to find an interested partner in New York. To get an investor interested, you need to have a convincing plan. New York is also ideal because it has a dense population. When you start a business in this city, you will get access to investors, business monitoring services, workshops, as well as numerous tools that will help your business grow.

San Francisco

San Francisco is among the ideal places to set up a business. A city has a combination of venture capital, universities, and the giants that cannot be beaten. Are you thinking about launching a tile cleaning company in this area? Then you should check the Small Business Week San Francisco. The platform allows members of the small business to connect and share with entrepreneurs. According to San Francisco Small Business Week, the event is focused on making sure that the small businesses soar and the entrance fee is free. On the downside, this is a city that is expensive to live in and not ideal for people with limited finances.

Before you venture into any business, think about the location of your future headquarters as well as possible expansions. The decision might not seem essential, but it carries a lot of weight and might be the determining factor of the business’ future success. With the right location, you will get investors, skilled workers, and brand exposure. Depending on the type of business you are running and what you plan to achieve, you can choose to settle in one of the cities discussed in the article. Take the time to go through the requirements from prospective cities and work towards compliance. Remember that different cities have different demands.


By:  Lee Flynn