IF someone handed a pack of chocolate biscuits around the office right now, you would be hard pressed to turn it down.

At about 3pm or 4pm, a few hours after lunch, blood glucose levels drop, and many workers need a psychological pick up to help them get to the end of the working day.

Ditch the Tim Tams, here are five afternoon snacks which will give you the energy that you need without the fat or sugar you probably don’t need.

1) Roasted broadbeans or chickpeas
With a 20g pack of roasted chickpeas giving you less than 100 calories along with 5g of protein and literally no sugars, these tasty morsels are a perfect mid-afternoon snack.

2) Corn thins with nut spread
Corn thins are a better option nutritionally than rice cakes, thanks to their low GI grain, and when teamed with some low-sugar nut spread, they give you the perfect carb/protein balance for a mid-afternoon snack choice.

3) Mountain Bread with cottage cheese
For some the mere mention of ‘bread’ sends off the diet alarm bells but Mountain Bread contains half the carbohydrate of two regular slices of bread and can be teamed with low-fat cheese and some salad for a tasty, filling snack.

4) Skim latte
As long as you do not overdo the milk coffees each day, a small, skim milk latte offers both calcium and protein for less than 100 calories. The good thing about coffee is that it can be quite filling and if you find that caffeine too late in the day affects you, opt for decaf.

5) Nut-based muesli bars
While nuts are a nutritious choice, as we all know it can be challenging to stop after 15-20 nuts. Combine the nutrient goodness of nuts, in a portion-controlled serve, into a tasty snack option. Look for bars that contain less than 10g of sugars and at least 5g of protein.

source: http://www.news.com.au