Nursing is not all about putting needles in human skin but it requires professional training too. There are number of schools in US offering nursing programs. International students have also been interested inthis profession because it offers stability and future growth. Since, nursing pays low, most of the students want to get specialization from a reputed institute for competitive advantages. A good institute can help you broaden option for your future. Here is a list of top ten institutes nursing program in the US based on tuition fee, course structure and faculty:

  1. John Hopkins University

John Hopkins nursing program has been famous for teaching their students interpersonal and leadership skills. They provide practical experience as field work is compulsory for the degree requirement. In this way, there students are able to have an insight of their future from different perspectives.

  1. University of Washington

This institute sets a very good foundation for coursework. The students are enrolled in the nursing program while still studying in their junior year of college. These 90 credit hours help them with their future courses focusing on lab exercises, patient supervising and healthcare. Moreover, they have 700 healthcare partners which mean that students have a bright future.

  1. Oregon Health and Science University

It is one of the best universities for medical sciences. They have a very strict with their selection. Students who have a score of 3.85 or more are eligible and out of hundreds only 40 are selected.

  1. University of Pennsylvania 

University of Pennsylvania’s nursing program is the only program that enables students to have two degrees at a time. This includes nursing as well as healthcare degree. It is the only Ivy League nursing program that guarantees 100 percent employment.

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  1. University of Michigan

There program is one of the best since they have especially designed libraries for medical sciences and their faculty s award winning in their field. Michigan health system is a special project through which their students get internships and jobs.

  1. University of Alabama in Birmingham

Their BNS program has very strict rules when it comes to their internship standards. Moreover their nursing program students find jobs in first three months of graduation.

  1. Duke University 

Their BSN program is known for their diversity as they offer a number of pathways in nursing. A student can complete it in four semesters or in consecutive 16 months.

  1. Case Western Reserve University

Case Western Reserve University provides unique for specialization. They cater students if they want to find jobs overseas. Many students have found jobs in countries like Australia and Ireland.

  1. University of California, LA

Most of their students specialize in clinical and hospital nursing and this institute has been home for producing the best graduates in nursing according to World Report. Further students can also get a Master degree in medical administration other than nursing.

  1. Rutgers University 

Rutgers University has made it compulsory to spend 20 hours volunteering nursing for their students. 90 percent of their nursing program graduates get jobs in first three months.


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