No matter what time of year it is, there are always a multitude of options when it comes to decorating in a way that will get your home into the spirit of the season and impress your guests.

Sweet Spring

For spring home decor, think light, airy, and green. The snow has thawed, the flowers are blooming, and raindrops sparkle on windows in the late afternoon. Make your home inviting with fresh floral arrangements and pillows, candles, and other home accents in pastel hues of blue, pink, and green. By focusing on these accent pieces, a home can reflect the renewal of springtime with only a small investment in time and money. Adding touches such as decorative speckled eggs and the scent of fresh cut grass will complete the peaceful look of your home. No spring home look is complete without a cheery wreath on the front door and an inviting potted plant next to a fresh welcome mat to make guests feel at home.

Sultry Summer

Summertime recalls memories of picnics and long hot nights watching the fireflies from the front porch swing. Colors are bolder, and celebrate the laid back feel of longer days. Indoors, incorporate bright flowers into your decor. In the summer, it’s all about the outdoors, so refresh your patio furniture with vibrant cushions and blankets, and festive lighting. Tiki torches give an island vibe, while modern string lights evoke a hip atmosphere for hanging out and enjoying cocktails after dark. If you don’t have much patio furniture, you can still create the perfect ambience for a chill evening on a steamy summer night. Simply drape colorful sheets or blankets on the lawn along with oversized pillows. If a summer thunderstorm rolls in, move the party to the living room and light candles in the darkness to mimic moonbeams dancing across the floor.

Festive Fall

Fall is a season of abundance. The harvest has arrived and cooler temperatures bring about changing colors in the trees and your home decor. Think golden, rustic hues with rich textures and fabrics. Drape a luxurious gold or rich cranberry blanket over the sofa and add a pumpkin and gourd centerpiece to your table as you plan your Thanksgiving feast. Incorporate spicy, heartwarming scents like cloves, nutmeg, and ginger. Faux fall leaves will add color to tables, candles, baskets, and wreaths, and don’t forget to check out the latest pumpkin decorating techniques to wow your dinner guests during this charming season.

Wondrous Winter

Winter is a time of magic and quiet enchantment. As the first snowflakes fall, and the crisp autumn breeze becomes a frosty chill, gold can be switched out for silver in your home decorating. Whether you decide to go with the bold reds and greens, or icy pastel blues, your home should reflect your own mood in the holiday season. While some opt for the traditional tree, a slim Christmas tree will save space and add a modern twist to your parties and long chats by the fire with warm friends and family. Hang garland over doorways and on mantels, and of course don’t forget the mistletoe. When choosing candles or other home fragrance products, focus on the aromas of pine, cinnamon, and freshly fallen snow. Adorn your home with multiple poinsettia plants in a wide variety of colors to give a sense of lush life in the dead cold of winter. Finally, add a festive wreath to the front door to welcome guests. Choose lighting decorations whether you prefer simple white twinkling lights or bold colors to add a little extra holiday spirit.


by: Kevin FaberĀ