We know that the contemporary world has brought technology which makes our life easier than ever before. But sometimes technology gadgets when connected to the internet may cause serious problems for young kids and teens. Therefore, parents always looking for ways to make sure their kids and teen’s Android devices are friendly and safe. The gadgets such as Android smartphone devices are popular for kids and teens; therefore parents have to utilize the Android parenting control apps on kids and teens devices in order to protect them from online dangers. The digital world mostly harmful for youngsters and kids may get addiction of carnal content, victimize by stalkers, hosted by cyber bullies and other health issues. There are following top parenting apps which have the power to provide you best possible parenting solution.


It is worlds no .1 android parenting app, it has plenty of powerful features which allow parents to keep an eye on their kids and teens 24/7. The most attractive thing about the best spy app for Android, it is very reasonable in price and gives user quality along with the quantity. The parenting app is basically designed for parenting, employers and for spouses. It empowers parents features they name it. The user can bug their phone with the help of spyvidcam bug, camera bug, and Mic bug. You can also spy on messages such as iMessage monitoring, MMS, BBM chat messages. The user can track GPS location, remotely phone controller, browsing History, view multimedia files and spy on calls.

Kids Place:

It is basically an app launcher which opens allow you to open a complete customize interface, kids only can use the apps which you have chosen for them. The Android parental control software allows you to filter the applications. It has the power to block those particular apps which you don’t let your kids use. You can also control online app purchase, and to Android marketplace. The application will require a 4 digit passcode which makes sure that your kids and teens don’t allow the certain piece of activities on the particular app. It is a perfect choice for young kids who don’t need a cellphone device having a package of functions. It has some key features such as installed apps control parents, access to marketplace and user restrict target user to purchase app online. The user can add a browser which can filter the stuff on which you have made restrictions. You can also block texting while driving and ideal Android parenting app for kids and teens.

MM Guardian:

The MM Guardian Android parenting program enables users to make restrictions on app usage, time use, calls, text messages and it also put the restriction on messaging while driving. This particular parenting app is quite reasonable for teens who always using their Android devices all day long. All installed apps under the control of parents, the parent can off the mode “app purchasing”, get access to the Android marketplace, user can filter browsing data,  you can also put restrictions on any activity happen on the target device, block the texting while driving and very favorable to kids and teens future.

Net Nanny: Android parenting software

Net Nanny is actually parenting app for Android devices, it is one of the most popular Android parenting app for parents to set a parental control on kid’s activities. Parents can make preferences of monitoring on kids remotely or through the device.  It enables user to get your hands on controlling the content which is being accessed through the mobile device, especially when it is in the hands of teens.  This particular parenting Android app allows parents to view installed apps, a user can turn off app purchasing online through the market place. You can also set the filter on browsing, set the time restrictions, and block the texting when the target user is driving and also ideal for young kids and teens.

Famigo: Android parental control App:

Through this particular software allow users to make a “sandbox” regarding particular apps and also allow putting restrictions to the android store. This particular android program also has Famigo Wowzer, a particular browser for kids to filter content. It is best for young kids and allows users to control installation of the apps in kid’s mobile phone device. Parents can control the ability to get access of kids into the market place. Parents block the text messaging while driving and also put time restrictions.


Parents don’t need to worry for teens and kids when they use android gadgets excessively and in a wrong way. Above mentioned parenting software are the best in the world.


By: Jenny Harrison