A Peruvian publishing house has shown that size doesn’t matter through the tiny, intricate and hand-made books it has on display at the Sharjah International Book Fair.

The company – called ‘Los Libros Mas Pequeños del Mundo’, which is Spanish for ‘The Smallest Books in the World’ – was founded in 1970 and specializes in hand-crafting books, some of them no bigger than a thumbnail.

“We have books that are three centimeters by two centimeters, and other smaller ones that are two centimeter by one centimeter,” explained company representative Luis Pereyra Espinoza. “The most common size is six centimeters by five centimeters.”

The books, Pereyra explained, cover a wide variety of topics, ranging from self-help books, Peruvian cookbooks and dictionaries to timeless classics such as Alice in Wonderland and the Adventures of Pinocchio and even small anthologies of Quranic messages.

“In English we still only have 35 titles, but we are working hard to translate more into English,” he said. “We have books with serious messages, but also things for the children, such as fables. We also have books in French, Italian and Spanish. In Spanish, our native language, we have over 500 titles.”

Pereyra noted that the idea for the miniature books came from the company’s book-loving founder, an engineer by the name of Alberto Briceno Polo… see more

source: khaleejtimes