College students live different lives when they become students in leading educational institutions. However, students of college do not understand their ethical duties to the society. They also consider life as a concept that revolves around them only. College students do not respect teachers and mentors who play significant role in shaping future their future. The organizational leadership of educational center does not form and shape personalities of the students and therefore, they fail to develop into socially active citizens. Three ethical issues that students have to manage are as follows.

Balancing Family Life with Educational Responsibilities

Students face a challenging life at campus and therefore, they cannot spare time to spend with their families and friends. Additionally, they do not counteract stressfulness of life and therefore, students face more tension as they experience progression into their academic careers. Lack of social activity in life contributes to increase depression in student’s life. On the other hand, learners do not emotionally connect with anyone because professors tend to behave professionally and sense of belonging does not prevail between students and teachers. Shortage of socialization motivates students to explore the world of drugs and sex that ultimately compromises ethicalness of one’s life at campus. Students should join their favorite sports in order to work out their worries in a very physically intensive manner. Regular physical activity works perfectly to bring back focus in people.     

Failure to Respect Teachers and Colleagues

Students do not respect their classmates and teachers because they develop very self-centered personalities that do not allow them to consider rights of others. With the passage time, leaners in college develop a habit of disturbing others during classes. Teachers take aggressive disciplinary approach to handle challenging students but this method does not straighten the personalities of deviant students. However, learners become highly disturbing after receiving punishments. Psychological counseling does not appeal to the learners because they do not want to undermine their personalities at campus. They always need to appear hardcore in front of the class. A softhearted professor can always reach core of the personalities of challenging students.

Racial Challenges at Campus

Social and racial challenges for nonnative students grow considerably in the recent years and therefore, we should make our campuses safer. Additionally, students should learn to behave patiently in order to handle these issues with care. One always maintains his or her focus on the studies because a student comes to the college to receive education. You can counteract negative racial politics at campus by concentrating on the development of industrial skill that aids you in growing as a productive professional in the future. You must fight the urge of responding to the racial challenges violently because you need to graduate in ideal time. Students do not have time to waste in the college because they must enter the market to find attractive jobs to support themselves. Racial difficulties also help you in developing very strong personalities that you can use to earn professional success in the future.

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