As next week’s Apple iPhone event draws nearer, new images of what is rumoured to be the iPhone 5C – boxed up and ready to be shipped – have been leaked online.

The photos, released by Chinese site, show rows of the phones, with what is thought to be plastic casing, in pastel blue, pale yellow and powder pink.

Apple is rumoured to be releasing the iPhone 5C as a cheaper alternative to its upcoming iPhone 5S model at an event on 10 September.

The photos have since been removed by the Chinese site on the request of a ‘relevant party’, according to reports from Engadget.

In the images, each of the phones are also shown with a wallpaper in a corresponding colour.

Rumours around Apple potentially launching two new handsets at an Autumn event surfaced in June.

They claimed that the California-based company wanted to launch a low-cost version of its iPhone 5 handset to compete with rivals Samsung.

It will be the first time in Apple’s iPhone history that the company has unveiled two handsets in the same month.

It was originally dubbed iPhone Mini, then iPhone Lite, and then leaked pictures from WeiPhone showing plastic cases suggest it could be called the iPhone 5C – with the C standing for colour.

The cheaper handset is expected to be made of plastic to keep costs down and may be sold in a range of colours including white, black, pink and blue.

According to analyst Brian White from Topeka Capital Markets, the iPhone Mini could be made of plastic and could cost as little as £63 ($99).

Other prices put it much higher at £260 ($400) and it is likely to be closer in price to Apple’s iPhone 4.

Apple does not comment on future products before its launch events.

Mark Gurman, a journalist for Apple fan site 9to5Mac wrote: ‘Because of the uncertain track record of the source of the image and the image’s overall low quality, it is difficult to judge if the images are legitimate.’

He continues that they do, however, mirror the technique of matching a wallpaper to the outer casing as seen in 2012 during Apple’s release of the iPod nano.

Other leaked images of the phone have shown the case in dark red, blue and green.

If the iPhone C follows suit with the iPod nano design, it may be released in red, pink, yellow, blue, green, black and grey as well as white.

The cheaper iPhone will be an entry-level device to go with the high-end iPhone 5S, which is expected to come in gold, black and white, have a fingerprint scanner, dual-flash camera to improve the quality of photos, and a faster processor.

Rumours claim Apple’s event will take place on the 10 September and the phones will be on sale around 10 days later, as has been the case in previous years.

Any devices launched will run Apple’s latest iOS 7 software and U.S. models may also feature the new iTunes Radio.

source:  dailymail UK