It was years ago when I dropped my pen and the paper. I do not remember the last time I wrote my thoughts about something. I am writing this words devoting it to people who have lost hope in their dreams, in their friends or themselves.

From experience with a variety of people, I realized that in fact all people have something in common. Everyone has a story where they have experienced a loss. Sometimes it’s hard to come to grips with reality and with our own awareness of ourselves. Man collects failures, one by one, is left by his partners, friends… And he remains alone with his conscience, where conscience is his friend and enemy.

I` am sympathizing with those who have lost themselves. I think that’s the most difficult loss. When emotions, like an evil magician, make out of a person another human being. Totally changing his personality trait. Does our conscience and real emotions make out of us something totally differently than we truly are ? Does it impose on us some other attributes? How strong a man`s mentally structure actually is? Unfortunately, these are the questions i can`t answer.
As often I think about it, I’m in a dilemma, how can a man allow emotions to change him.

It is true that sometimes the loss of a man makes him a good person. But I think that a lot of those who can not handle their losses decide to commit horrible acts, such as suicide, murder, revenge …

I think we should try to understand those who are suffering. However, we should be the ones that will alleviate the suffering of someone by showing them true friendship…understanding, wonderful qualities, which only possess special people. Be of those who are special.

By:  Sanida Gogić
Sanida Gogic is Student in University of Sarajevo, Department of Psychology