Human history speaks of many eras of political and social instabilities of nations. Men are born innocent but the social conditions change them to be wretched. War has always been the major factor altering the geography as well as making changes in ideological systems of nations. Human behaviors, educational systems and life styles change with the change in the ideologies. Asia has always been a very rich continent not only with respect to its natural resources but also its cultural diversities. Rich natural resources and fertile soils have always been the attractions for the foreign invaders. The invading people made remarkable changes in history and geography of Asiatic civilizations.

Afghanistan is an Asiatic country rich in mineral resources. When Soviet Union attacked Asia and occupied many countries, Afghanistan was one of the countries that were severely affected by this foreign invasion. Afghan nation struggled hard for maintaining its sovereignty and a group for fighting the Soviet forces was organized who called themselves Mujahidin. Now, at that time, United States and Soviet Union were rivals. US aided Mujahidin with arms to fight. There was fight for several years and at last due to the involvement of many countries including Pakistan, Soviet Union lost its roots, could not stand the grounds and decided to leave Afghanistan. Pakistan played a very crucial role in the whole scenario as a front line state of US owing to its geographical features. It is out of the debate whether this foreign policy of Pakistan was right or wrong.

When Mujahidin took control of the office in Kabul, there was hardly a day without the roaring of guns and scarcely a night without the sounds of jets. Several groups of Mujahidin started fighting with one another and the poor nation paid for all the loss.  There was mass destruction and thousands of people were killed. The situations got worse. At that time, when many people were leaving Afghanistan and seeking refuge in Muhajir camps in Pakistan, as they once did when Soviet’s invaded, another group appeared who called themselves Taliban. Taliban force chiefly consisted of young men whose parents escaped when Soviet forces invaded. Many of them were born in Muhajir camps and educated at Madrasahs. Their leader was a mysterious man, Mullah Umar, who called himself Ameer-ul-Momineen. Taliban fought for Islamic laws and Sharia in Afghanistan.

When Taliban got to work, television screens were kicked, books of poetry were burnt and commanders of Mujahidin were assassinated. It was a period of extreme tension and stress. Women were forbidden from working or going outside of their homes, girls were stopped from going to schools. Hospitals were closed for women. It was the darkest era of the history of Afghanistan. But it was the determination and will power of the people of Afghanistan that has enabled it to stand till now although Americans invaded and are still there because Taliban was accused of destroying the twin towers. Hopes are still there that the nation will learn much out of its dark experiences and will rise up and live with honor and glory among other nations.


By: Aimon Malghani




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