Many Finns orient each year to Thailand. It seems simple holiday destinations, but here are some of the things tourists should avoid.

  1. Do not raise your voice
    Even if the Thais were agitated, they usually do not yell at each other. In spite of all the anger aimed at making the smile on the lips. Tourist may lose his temper when things do not go all western precision. Also the lack of local language skills can easily tighten the surface. However, travel time, you have to remember to stay calm, because losing the rage of the Thai reverence – and things are playing increasingly worse.
  2. Do not ride a motorcycle without a helmet
    Many Thais go with a moped without a helmet. However, the Finnish tourists not to go to shave their ski helmet use, although it may sound like a good idea after a few cheap pint of beer. The locals are accustomed to traffic, and know how to drive accordingly. If the moped is forced to get aboard, so your helmet and insurance in shape!
  3. Do not eat only Western food
    Taste the local cuisine, for example, street restaurants. It is likely to be tastier and fresher than backpackers hostel offered salmonella chicken. Street restaurants chefs have prepared the same doses of years, so they have Thai food professionals. If local food invalid, it is certainly valid.
  4. Do not assume things to be functioning as domestically
    This does not happen; local time differs from Finnish briskly. If a Thai says, at 10, he sometimes refers to between nine and eleven. If you want to enjoy comfortable holiday accuracy, you may want to go elsewhere – say, London or New York.
  1. Do not express love publicly
    Thai people do not show affection in public, unlike Westerners is accustomed to. Hand in hand doorway is acceptable, but the hugging or kissing may be local feel uncomfortable.
  2. Do not get dressed revealingly, despite the heat
    The Thai people keeps wearing clothes even while fiddling in the ocean for a swim. There are two reasons: First of all, they want their skin to remain as a light. Secondly, nudity is considered an annoyance. The beach is therefore advisable to go at least topless.
  3. Be prepared for traffic congestions
    Thailand Traffic is very different from Westerners. Traffic rules are intended to be broken, if any. The driver should always be on guard, because anything can happen.
  4. Do not insult the kings of Thailand
    The local honor the king, almost like a god. Respect the travel destination, and do not, at least not to laugh during the national anthem. Even the king of images should not make fun of, because the consequences can be heavy. Try to deal with
    the king as well as Thai.

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