The Sharjah Municipality has banned barbecuing (BBQ) on beaches, green areas and parks in order to prevent environment pollution and give opportunities to the public to enjoy the beauty of nature.

The municipality has launched a three-day awareness campaign to educate the public about the negative effects of grilling or BBQ in the green areas.

Nada Al Suwaidi, Head of the Communication Department, said many people throw the waste generated from grilling  — ash and charcoal — in the green areas and the beaches, affecting the environment and public health. The municipality is carrying out the awareness campaign to educate the public about these negative practices and their effects. It will carry out inspections in different areas to catch those who flout the municipality regulations and rules in this regard. Errant individuals will be slapped with hefty fines, and legal action will be taken if required.

Al Suwaidi explained that there are places earmarked for barbecuing and grilling in parks. They are, however, not allowed  on open beaches and in green areas of the city. The municipality staff will distribute awareness leaflets among the public about the dangers of such practices, she said.

Al Suwaidi said this campaign is part of a series of programmes chalked out to spread awareness among the public about the importance of protecting the environment. She urged them to cooperate with the authorities and abide by the rules and regulations to avoid penalties.

source: khaleejtimes