Dubai: Residents allergic to dust must take precautions on Tuesday and Wednesday as gusty winds that blow dust and sand may prevail in Dubai and parts of Sharjah, a meteorologist warned on Monday.

A massive cloud of dust covered the skyline of Dubai and Sharjah on Monday afternoon causing limited visibility on most roads, especially in open areas.

Moderate winds associated with convective clouds reduced horizontal visibility to as low as 100 metres on Emirates Road (formerly Dubai Bypass Road). Visibility was also limited within the city as gusty winds kicked up dust in Dubai and parts of Sharjah.

“We are at a season where we can expect gusty winds to blow dust and sand due to the formation of convective clouds coming from eastern and southern part of the country,” a weather forecaster from the National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology told Gulf News.

He advised motorists to exercise caution while driving and keep a safe distance from other vehicles.

Meanwhile, light to heavy rainfall was reported in many towns of Al Ain and a part of Dubai on Monday afternoon. Al Dhaid, which is located north of Al Ain, recorded 21.2millimetres of rain while Al Foah recorded 7.8mm. Two other Al Ain towns Al Faqa and Al Qatara recorded 0.6mm and 0.2mm of rain respectively. In Dubai, moderate rain was reported in Al Awir.

The forecaster said convective clouds are expected to form over the eastern and southern part of the country on Tuesday with probability of light rain over Hatta, Al Ain, and south of Fujairah.

source: gulfnews