The Sharjah Police will continue the public decency awareness campaign to curb objectionable practices and behaviour like wearing of skimpy outfits and eve-teasing during the holy month of Ramadan.

The police would target youth who indulge in eve-teasing in shopping centres and malls, a top officer said. The police would not tolerate those who indulge in activities that threaten the society or any other act that violates the culture, tradition and religion of the emirates. Police patrols would be deployed around shopping centres and commercial and residential areas in all parts of Sharjah. “The visitors and residents of Sharjah should respect the emirate’s rules and its society,” he said.

He said the decency campaign had achieved its goals in Sharjah during the last two years, as the number of such crimes dropped. “The initiatives taken by the Sharjah Police in educating the public about this particular law had played a great role in ensuring safety and peace in the emirate for all residents. He said that some diplomatic missions in Dubai have joined the emirate’s police to encourage expatriate residents from their countries to strictly abide by all laws and regulations pertaining to the dress code, decency and public conduct.

source: Khaleej times