Some nutrients foods are act as a protected cover in our bodies from the harmful bacteria. Such foods include antioxidant elements. We can get these elements through different plant and from animal meat. The harmful element which impact in our body is known as free radical. These free radical are built in our body from pollution, by eating tobacco, harmful radiation and other environmental factor. Also such horrible elements can destroy our body cells which cause cancer and heart diseases in the future.

The institute of American for cancer research suggested to eat fruit, vegetables, grain and beans, two out of three part in your diet and one out of three part from meat, cheese, fats and roasted chicken. Through which a risk of cancer and over weight problems and long lasting diseases has been minimize.

An American heart relation and American stroke institute search that every time you eat fruits and vegetables has minimize the 4% impact of heart disease and 5% reduce the risk of heat stroke. Eating 2.5 portions or further of grains daily was directly associated to a 21% lower risk of heart attack and stroke.

As we talk more about fruits and vegetables to get healthy, for that spring season is a perfect season to get fresh fruits, vegetables, grain and beans into your routine. Whether is a resident farmer place, any agriculture farm or your own home garden will grow fresh fruits and vegetables after some week. So eat fresh fruits and vegetables to minimize the risk of long lasting diseases.

According to the Benjamin franklin said that “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” A best way to lead a long lasting and healthy life is not to find the treatment of the diseases but actually prevent from such diseases altogether. Sometimes it is happen that you do all the prevention and still you were ill but we prevent from such diseases with simple life style and an early detection of such diseases.

We must thanks to different courses of injection, due to such injection various diseases are now to be control. So you don’t worry about polio, chickenpox, diabetic, cancer, heart and blood pressure problem. Still such injection are invented but on the other hand you should take a right measurement to avoid such diseases.

Cardiovascular Disease.

A major cause of death now a days is due to heart disease like heart attack, heat stroke, vein blockage and arrhythmias. For example someone who sit on office chair all day, eat junk food daily, all doing smoking and too bulky so there is a high chance of heart and veins problems. On the other side someone who do regular exercise, a healthy perfect diet, do not smoking are definitely a low risk of heart attack.

A good suggestion to prevent from heart diseases is to keep maintenance of your blood pressure and cholesterol in a safe level. So for that keep analysis and take readings of these things and also take a considerable precautions.


Diabetes come from family heredity, so if any member in your family is diabetic it will transfer to the next generation. If you are diabetic as well as over weighted then the risk is very high for your health. People who have type 2 diabetic are usually 80% over weighted. Which mean if you keep your body healthy and do regular exercise you can postpone and avoid from such disease. In general if you lose 5 to 7 % weight of your body then you eventually reduce that risk of diabetes about 60%. For example if your weight is 200 pound then you should lose weight about 10 to 14 pounds.

Diet and exercise play a very important role to avoid diabetes. Outdoor games and physical activities will help you to minimize the weight, reduce sugar in the body. Also due to use of insulin which is a sugar controller, make your body very sensitive. Also eat food which is full of fiber like whole grain and beans for weight loss and improve blood sugar.

Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is another major cause of death which is due to smoking. Tobacco in the cigarette contain a 7000 chemical or more, which are very poisonous and 70 of which are cancer causing agents. The greater the person smoked then a large number of cigarettes burn and a very high risk of lung cancer or cancer of blood, mouth, nose, stomach, kidney, throat, bone, liver and larynx.

Still I advise people if they smoke for many years still they have chance to quit from smoking habit which reduce the risk of cancer. Also a 15 years of smoking as same effect as nonsmoker, and living second hand smoke also have a same effect as smoking. Also do not smoking when you are at home, in car or people around you.

Skin Cancer

Another most common type of cancer is skin cancer, which can be avoid with simple precautions. To avoid skin cancer, apply sunscreen at regular intervals and put a hat, sunglasses, and protective clothing when you were outside. Stay indoors during the mid-part of the day when the sun is burning brightest and take time to regularly check your skin for unusual bumps, moles, and spots.



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