A UAE court has convicted a Pakistani national of spying and sentenced him to three years in prison, it was reported on Wednesday.

The Circuit of State Security at the Federal Supreme Court sentenced the Pakistani identified only as GMA, official news agency WAM said.

It said he will be deported after serving the jail term, adding that a second man, an Iranian identified as MAD, was acquitted on similar charges.

The two men were accused to have been spying against the country in collaboration with an intelligence officer at a foreign embassy in the UAE, WAM said.

The court, which was chaired by Judge Ranfi Mohammed Ibrahim, head of the circuit, heard that the Pakistani used to work as a driver at a sensitive public institution, and had relations with an intelligence officer at a foreign embassy.

The intelligence officer requested him to take photos of officials and visiting delegations and the accused confessed to have delivered information about the visiting delegations to the intelligence officer for AED30,000.

The court did not find any tangible evidence against the second accused, WAM added.

source: arabianbusiness.com