Meningitis survivor Marshall Janson shows off his running blades, in the style of his heroes – the Power Rangers.

They help the five-year-old join in playtime and PE lessons at Perranporth Primary School in Cornwall.

Marshall was left with no arms or legs after he suffered meningitis when he was a baby.

His mother Stephanie Harris, 33, said he ‘now feels like just like he’s a real action hero’ after receiving the bespoke prosthetic blades.

‘Marshall was ecstatic when he first saw his blades. He is Power Rangers-mad and his friends in school are all really impressed,’ she added.

‘He is able to get around much easier now and is as fast as the other kids which he loves. He is also a lot taller now which is great.’

‘When they said they could make the limbs with a Power Rangers theme we were thrilled as he’s such a huge fan.’

Marshall will receive a second set of blades specially designed to use when sitting down in the coming weeks and prosthetic arms when he’s older.

source:  metro UK