Never let anyone destruct your inner peace.
Whatever they say against you in reality they’re defining themselves not you.
What they can see or hear or they learn from you is what they want for themselves too.
Do according to your own will.
Speak in a way that you will inspire yourself And others.
Move graciously in a positive way.
Share whatever you knew and what you have with kindness and generosity.
Never hesitate to trust your intuition at all times.
Don’t ignore your vision.
Be optimistic with determination..
Fill in more self confidence in every season.
Reach your Goal with passion.
Have faith to God and to yourself.
Remember God is the only one who has the license to judge you and to give verdict in all the things you do throughout your Journey.
Stay being who you are just the way you are!!!

You cannot please everybody so why Bother yourself to please them.
Be yourself and…
Live Love Life to the Fullest…

By: Nelia Vista