The Saudi deportation authority has made it mandatory for all expats to have their original iqamas or passports before they can get final exit visas.
Indian Consul General Faiz Ahmad Kidwai said a person seeking a final exit visa has to present his original iqama or passport including his entry number, with which he traveled to the Kingdom. “No photocopies would be accepted,” Kidwai said.
If the expat does not have either document, he should go to the passport office and get a printout of his fingerprint status with his photograph. The passport office at the airport also issues this document. Entry numbers would not be accepted, he said.
“Only persons with these documents will be entertained from the forthcoming Tuesday, which is the day designated for Indian nationals to have their fingerprints taken at the deportation center,” he said.
He said that following the amnesty declared by the government for illegals, the consulate has been delivering services “on a war footing.”
To date, 8,916 Indians have had their fingerprints taken, with 6,669 granted final exit visas in their passports or emergency travel certificates.
Kidwai said consulate officials undertook 13 special consular tours to provide emergency travel certificates. The assistance included counseling and financial assistance to the most deserving persons. Nearly SR100,000 has been spent by the Indian Community Welfare Fund to provide air tickets to 82 destitute Indians.
The consulate has issued 5,560 passports on an urgent basis to Indian workers who wanted to change their sponsorship. Moreover, 24,099 emergency certificates were issued against 24,620 applications.
The validity of the emergency certificates of 2,240 persons was extended.
Of the 7,012 passports of huroob (absconding) Indians, received from the passport office, 4,092 were distributed.

source: arabnews