The Ministry of Interior has allowed the personnel of vehicles that transfer funds and precious metals to carry firearms for protection.
Vehicles are prohibited from stopping for any reason and under any circumstances unless they are approaching supply stations or in case of emergency. Routes are predetermined and cannot be changed without coordination with security authorities.
All licensed organizations must report to regional police stations or the special forces for road security about any fund transfers or valuables exceeding SR500,000. Detailed information about the trips should be reported at least three hours in advance.
The road safety patrol pointed out that vehicles transferring funds will be monitored via satellite and that a guard vehicle will escort the vehicle in and outside the city.
Receipt and delivery of funds or valuables must take place during official working hours and the institution must inform the regional public security patrol about any delivery contracts, including the name of the beneficiary and the address.
Licensed organizations transferring funds, precious metals or documents of value are subject to the direct supervision of public security authorities, which have the right to inspect the main centers, supervisors, guards and vehicles any time.
Personnel monitoring such organizations must be qualified Saudis, according to the ministry.
The crew is prohibited from leaving the vehicle during the transfer. All three guards will be armed and the vehicle will have two holes for firing shots if necessary.
According to the director of General Security, a license is valid for three years and is subject to renewal with the approval of the minister of interior or his deputy.
Areas for practice must be predefined in the license.
Licensed agencies must provide an insurance policy valid for the entire duration in which they intend to transfer funds, which is to be issued by an insurance company that is licensed to operate in the Kingdom and covers the value of funds being transferred.

source:  arabnews