Recent circulating rumors that infamous YouNow celebrity Abu Sin is set to perform during a concert in the Saudi city of Madinah were proven false, authorities confirmed.

Secretary of the Chamber of Commerce in Madinah Abdulhalim Laal said confirmed the controversial social media star will not be gracing the stage at one of his city’s upcoming festivals.

“The information being circulated is not true. We are currently investigating the source of this misinformation that has been using our entity’s name to attribute the rumors to.

Abu Sin, 19, first courted controversy when videos of him chatting an American girl from California went viral. He was released on bail on Thursday after a weeklong detention by authorities on charges of “unethical behavior violating decency and religious values” last month.

The conversations between Abu Sin and Christina Crockett – the American girl in question – were first broadcast on YouNow before being reposted dozens of times on YouTube. They quickly grew in popularity, garnering hundreds of thousands of views.

They also made for comedic viewing since both did not speak the other’s language; he barely spoke English, while she was oblivious to the Arabic language… see more