Do you know who your company’s best sales representative is? If not, you could be missing out on an opportunity to develop a talented individual into someone who can bring clients and additional revenue to your business for years to come. What metrics should you be using to determine who this person is?

Who Makes the Most Sales Over a Given Period of Time?

One way to determine who your best salesperson is may be to look at raw sales numbers. The person who has closed the most deals over the past week, month or year is going to make a strong case that he or she deserves that title. This is because closing a deal is a skill that only certain workers possess, and the ability to close deals on a regular basis is something that your company should not take for granted.

Who Is the Best at Building Relationships?

Closing on a large number of deals may bring prosperity to your business for the time being. However, developing relationships with clients will bring them back for more, and it may result in future transactions that are worth more than the initial sale. In addition, the person who is good at building relationships is the one that clients are going to want to talk to or that clients are going to refer their own clients or contacts to in the future. Therefore, this may be the metric that you use to determine who your best salesperson is.

Who Can Get the Meetings With the Right People?

Developing relationships is a good skill to have. However, developing relationships with people who can’t approve a purchase means little to a company’s bottom line. Therefore, the best sales rep may be the one who can get meetings with decision makers who are able to approve a sale or otherwise increase the odds that one will occur.

Perhaps You Have Two or Three Best Sales Representatives?

It is rare that a single person is good at both closing deals and building relationships. Typically, an individual is good at either getting someone to say yes or leading that person to say yes while allowing another person to actually get the client to sign on the dotted line. This can actually work to your advantage because you want to tailor your sales pitch or who gives it based on where someone is in the sales process as well as the persona of the customer.

How to Develop Anyone Into a Good Sales Representative

Introducing corporate sales training courses into your overall training plan or as part of your employee development process can turn almost anyone into a sales rep. Basically, the art of making a sale is to find out what the customer needs and then giving it to that person. This can be done by selling the benefits of a product such as that it makes a task easier to complete, less expensive to complete or possible to complete in less time.


Once you have established that a certain product or service meets the needs of a customer, it’s time to overcome any objections by showing the total value that a product may provide. Generally, customers are willing to pay whatever it takes to have their needs met as long as it provides some type of return on investment over the long-term.

It is critical that you identify your best sales people and make sure that they have the tools that they need to succeed. Otherwise, you could lose clients or even lose salespeople because they manage to find better opportunities elsewhere. Ideally, you will work with those people to provide guidance and support to ensure that they meet their full potential.


By: Dennis Hung