India, Pakistan’s worst enemy, says our government.

America, Pakistan’s worst enemy, say our people and media.

Pakistan, Pakistan’s worst enemy, I say.

India is our enemy because she went to war with us, does not let us have Kashmir, supported East Pakistan in its freedom struggle, blames us for most of the acts of terrorism committed on her territory and also because our history textbooks say so.

America is our enemy because she pulls off drone strikes on our land, sends people like Raymond Davis and others like him to kill our people, conducted an operation within our perimeters without informing us, does not support us in times of war and also because our media tells us that they just are.

Every country in the world is bound to have foreign enemies, Pakistan isn’t unique on that. Every enemy tries their utmost to destabilize and destroy that country, America and India aren’t out of the world on that.

We Pakistanis fail to understand that we are our own worst enemies. This state that Pakistan is in is only and only because of you and me. Why, you ask me?

5 people become victim to target killing in Karachi, the act of a Pakistani.

A General declares martial law in the country, the act of a Pakistani.

A Shiite killed in Peshawar, the act of a Pakistani.

A Hindu temple mobbed and destroyed, the act of Pakistanis.

YOU are that murderer, YOU are that selfish general, YOU are that intolerant Muslim, YOU are that person who poked a pin in Iqbal’s dream and YOU are guilty of the assassination of Pakistan. Because YOU remained silent.

Silence may well be a weapon, only when you are mighty. Silence of the mute is the normal order of things.

They promised you roti, kapra, makaan. Did they give you that?

They promised you tabdeeli. Did they give you that?

They promised you the eradication of the demon that is load shedding in 6 months. Did they give you that?

Yet YOU fell for it, for every single bit of it. And voted these inhuman creatures into power.

They all talk long and loud about fool proof security, a stable economy, model administration, death of corruption, might of justice, lasting democracy, courageous foreign policies and the promised rights of minorities. Yet in the 35 years democracy has lived in this state, they are nowhere in sight.

Stop banking on prophecies about the future might of Pakistan, what value is that of if we forget our present for it? Live in now and strive for change, not that which comes with a tsunami or the symbol of a tiger or a ruler in London or a Superman in Ajrak. For these are meant only to blur visions.

Let us write our tale of glory in the books of history in an ink more glamorous, more courageous, more exclusive for what’s left of the world to see, to awe, to envy. Forget India, forgive America, but do either to yourself than consider yourself a being walking the face of this earth in the absence of a soul, a heart, a responsibility and an identity.


You hear that?


There it is again!

That whisper in the wind.

Listen close.

You can hear it now ‘cause now it ain’t no whisper it’s a cry of pain.

“On that eve my father may have lived had the ambulance not been late. But this time, this time if the ambulance is not on time then all will be lost. I, his legacy, will not last. And the only person I shall hold responsible is YOU.”


By: Fatima Arshad

  • We are not Villans , we are the most innocent peolpes. How..??
    I tell u. We are those peoples who dont know how to react, how to respond..??
    In name of frustration, poverty, lawlessness we murders, we theft, we abuse , we do corruption, we defame, we do blasphemy and what else left.
    This is all we dont do by ousrself this is all done by our pathetic situation…
    We are not the Villains we are the “LOST NATION”…

    • Fatima Arshad

      The lost nation? True. All the values this nation was supposed to stand on are LOST, thus you are absolutely right.

      • Avera Yugen

        Was it stolen? Actually few nations have escaped that fate at some point in history. Just clarify how the theft happened and why……and then focus on healing. I know the local economy is absolutely desperate for most ordinary people….so home industries and coops can be created…with much effort and help from friends. But so much more could be said and should…..

  • Ruby

    current media war between media houses confirms that we are our own villains

  • Niha

    Couldn’t agree more.

    • Maheen A Khan

      Why not

      • Salman Abro

        What she’s saying is that she can’t find a point to disagree on (which is a compliment). That’s what “Couldn’t agree more” means.

        • Maheen A Khan

          OK OK

  • Ruby

    yes, we have to see the right side of the picture to know the fault

  • Nahid Bilawal

    nice blog

  • Mohammad Adnan

    well written fatima .. we should correct ourselves but we are not realizing our mistakes course there are too many foreign hands but they are using us. Falling of Saltanat e Khudadaad or Bengal was not due to Britains only lots of mir jaffar/sadik were involved. Correct yourselves be one nation america and india are nothing …

  • Fizza Ali Khan

    Well written, Fatima. Recognition and acceptance of bias and a little tolerance can go a long way

  • Javaria

    Yeah Fatima I can feel d positive ness in negative word of ‘villains’ used by u ,d best way to change d things is to make a positive good change within urself first.keep it up Fatima 🙂

  • afsheen

    In the story of Pakistan I accept, yes we r villains..but if each and every person would understand that wat is our responsibilitlies as a Pakistani then there would b no villains among us….and one more thing being a friend of ur mother I really appreciate and encourage ur thoughts… In my opinion u did a wonderful so thoughtful and provoking…keep up the good work….we all proud of u

  • Dr. Fahim

    I think everybody has both sides the heroic and villain-ic same is the case with us. So we should try to polish our brighter side and overcome on our darker side….That is the key to success and the tested formula both for the nations and individuals!!

  • yes fatima we are villain, frustrated people always act like villain, but it does not means that we are ourselves worst enemy of this land,i think we are just doing blame game every one is criticizing no one is ready to change himself but he wants to change other people, how one can change other until unless he change him self , so dont be so angry, we live in a country where quaide ambulance got late, liaqat ali khan murdered,zulfiqar ali bhutto hanged, murtaza bhutto shot out in front 70 clifton and benazir died in an said if this time ambulance get late so all will be finished so now we have to make sure that ambulance will not get late and there is only one way for this that we should change ourselves and build up tolerance..

    • Fatima Arshad

      Very well said Sir. And that is exactly what I meant that for once we should stop criticizing others and take the blame on ourselves and become the kind of people we want to see on the thrones of this land and also that when someone is working for the country we should give them a fair chance and not let prejudice take over.

  • Maryam Imran

    Well done keep it up

  • Dr. Fahim

    Nice effort by a little writer keep it up

  • Ruby

    yes, every body says we are responsible…….for all mistakes….but how we can avoid those mistakes nobody tells us

    • Fatima Arshad

      I think we all know deep down in our conscience what the solutions are. And i repeat it all starts with a rebirth of our goals and personalities.

  • Rashid Khan

    I feel the writer has touched too many contentious issues at once, but it all boils down the same fundamental question….who is responsible? This is more or less a catch-22 situation. But looking at the divine laws, we can say that it all starts from one person and that is ME. I can only defeat the darkness if I turn myself into light. When there will be enough light then this veil of darkness will vanish. Our job is to create the awareness and tell people that they can make a change starting with their own lives.
    Good job Fatima!

  • Ruby

    @from Karachi…….yes agreed lady version of anwer maqsood

  • Ruby

    yes@from karachi this is like pone-23 March lady version of anwer maqsood

  • Shani

    @anonymous xyz shame on u as well face the facts

  • Tariq

    @GUDDO I agree with you we are not villains, yes we did mistakes, serious once, like blunders…..but innocent mistakes only

  • Julius Marcus Apolia

    Al Rasub! This girl should win!

  • From Karachi

    hmm…i smell Anwar Maqsood there (Y) ;P

    • Fatima Arshad


  • Jalian

    Thumbs up!

  • Hind Salem

    I am participating in the Al-Rasub competition 2 and guess what girl.
    I think ur article is much better than mine and I think the Al-Rasub team shud reward u. Truly inspiring judging frm ur other articles. Jihad has been Hijacked is simply fabulous.

  • Emily Alez

    OMG! finally a paki takes resposibility of saying this. I admire u, girl! Hats off!

  • Guddu Sag


    • Anonymus XYZ

      shame on u urself!

    • Fatima Arshad

      Sir, this attitude of not accepting facts must change if we are to prosper as a nation.

    • Fizza Ali Khan

      Patriotism is to know and improve so no finger can point at your country, not to blindly blame others. Shame on you for not knowing.

  • Immi

    i agree with Salma Maqsood. Well written ung lady!
    bravo! hats off 2 u!

  • Rashid Zahid

    i don’t agree w/ u. we r not the villains of pak.

    • Shoki

      come on rashid face the reality

  • Yazir Ahmed Salp

    very wise little one

  • Faiz

    i so agree with u , dude

  • Maheen A Khan

    we are not incapable sorry, see india also was defeated by china in 1962

    • Fatima Arshad

      Because China is and was well ahead of us in arms and war tactics. They have an accepted influence in world’s politics, sadly the same cannot be said about us.

  • Tariq Quersh

    @ furqan you mean we are suiciders?

    • Samina Haripal

      u didn’t get the point, sister/

      • Samina Haripal


    • Fatima Arshad

      Ummm… yeah suiciders are Pakistanis as well. Sir my point is that we should accept that not all is to be blamed on our enemies. It is agreed they do have a hand in things but the state of this land will only change when we hold ourselves accountable. We should be a nation with a fist of iron because we are capable of it.

  • Salma

    The last paragraph where your reference is the Quaid is very well written. And the point is also delivered in an emotional way. Nice job.

  • Shani

    yes, you are right if all us do what we are suppose to do then every thing could be on right track………but why we are not doing so??

    • Fatima Arshad

      that is a question you ought to ask yourself.

  • Maheen A Khan

    agree every state has enemies but why we have too much and what is our fault?

    • Fatima Arshad

      Because our governments have always been incapable of looking those enemies in the eye. Take Iran and India as examples.

      • Salma

        Yes Pakistan’s establishment and people are very vulnerable to attacks from all corners of the world.

  • Furqan Khan

    Agreed. We truly are real enemies of ourselves!

    • Misbah Shai

      agree with u bro.

  • Salama Maqsood

    if we are villain then who is hero?

    • Fatima Arshad

      The heroes are also from among us because there are those Pakistanis who speak up. They are the heroes.

      • Salma

        very true!

      • Sana khan


  • Shani

    I fully agree with the author……but she should also tell the remedy as well

    • Fatima Arshad

      the remedy is all too obvious, change comes from within to change what is outside. We should stop thinking of ourselves as the purest and as people who don’t do anything that harms the state. If we start saying, “Okay that could’ve been prevented had the relevant minister done this properly in this way.” or “Let me see if I can do something to change that.”

  • Arshad

    I think you are too critical about ourselves Fatima

  • Tariq

    sorry i don’t agree we are not villains it is not true!!

    • Salma

      We are the villains, but the point is who made us what we are? Who brought is so low? A large population of Pakistan goes to bed with an empty stomach, fear of losing his unstable job and thoughts of selling his child for a few thousand to quench his hunger. So under all these circumstances who will remember anything called ‘patriotism’?! A point to think on.

  • Maheen A Khan

    but i believe Pakistan has too many enemies:-(

    • Fatima Arshad

      Like any other state we do. But we take it as a right to blame every mishap happening in our country on our enemies. We can’t accept it that these are our doings for the most part of it.