Humanitarian organization “Hedija” is an association of women whose founder is Azra Velagic Macic. She along with many other Muslim women for a longer period  is actively working in the field of helping those who need help. Hedija brings together people who want , in the name of Allah, to help others, and connects them with information about active humanitarian actions, giving them specific social cases in which they can invest their money, time, emotion. Its seat is in Bosnia and Hercegovina, where it has branches in many cities, and it also has branches in Serbia, Montenegro, Europe and America. A large number of action is behind it and if you have something you’d like to donate (clothing, furniture, …), this is the place for you. Lets invest in our hereafter in investing in others!  Administrators of “Hedija” are paying attention that all the information are personally tested and that the situation of people who are being helped is  exactly the way it was described in the action. It also takes care that every contribution goes to the right place.


All payments can be made to the following accounts, with a clear indication of the purpose of paying:

HU Hedija
Account number KM: 141 311 5320 0010 94
NUMBER foreign currency account: 141 311 5310 0003 94
IBAN: BA391413115310000394


ADDRESS BANK if necessary:

Bosna Bank International dd Sarajevo
Square of children in Sarajevo bb, (Trg djece Sarajeva bb)
Bosnia and Herzegovina ( Bosna i Hercegovina)
71000 Sarajevo