“There is always a room for improvement.” The say fits perfectly here. Even though if a student is the brightest of all, there are also days when he underperforms in his academics. It happens with him if either he is stuck in a rut or not sure about what to do. In such situation, he needs to work out on the causes of problem, and then find out the solution to it. If you are the one who doesn’t know how to do it, the article leads you to the ways of achieving aimed grades.

  1. Adopt a Positive Mental Attitude

When you are getting low grades one after another, it makes you feel depressed or disappointed, and even you might feel like giving up. The first step that you need to take on the road of improvement is to tear your head away from all the negativity. You need to stand positive against the situation with a chance to improvement. Acknowledge that you are not aiming for the grades what you are getting. Take mental control of the things first.

  1. Talk to the Teachers

Your teachers know your academic strengths and weaknesses well. Hence, it is worth talking to them when you are drawing up an action plan for the improvement of grades. They will advise you about the areas where you need to improve and put some extra efforts.

  1. Pay more Attention in the class

If you are a day dreamer in the classroom, it is the time to stop our mind from wandering here and there.  Don’t just copy down blindly what teacher has written on the board; it is better if you understand the topic clearly first and then make some neat notes for what you have understood. Don’t hesitate or get afraid to speak up and ask questions in the class otherwise you won’t find a clearer and better explanation by yourself.

  1. Organize your life and Make a Schedule

Any kind of clutter may hinder your ability to operate in an efficient way, so you rather get organized to improve your performance. Take a start by keeping your workspace clean, and organize notes and textbooks in a well-mannered way. Along with that, you need to manage the time effectively. What you need to do is make a timetable and incorporate your school schedule into it. Divide different slots of the day in a way that plenty of time may spend in studying. Make sure that your extra time is allocated to the subjects that have become the reason for your underperformance.

  1. Improve your Note-taking Skills

Another reason for your underperformance could be your not-good enough notes. The lectures that you hurriedly scrawled from class are more often hard to understand and even make sense when you have to go through them again. When you do not have a strong understanding of the topic, it is very easy to misunderstand your own notes. Although you are good enough of producing notes from your books, try to take notes by hand in the class as they always tend to stay fresh in your mind.

  1. Stop Procrastinating

Procrastination is a major problem of students in the current era due to which their grades fall. When they put off their work and get engaged in other activities (mainly social media), their grades ultimately go down. Unsurprisingly, it is the common result to big workloads when they are being delayed without any particular reason. If you are guilty of procrastination, it is the time to rectify your mistake.

  1. Make Learning More Fun

Every work which loses its charm takes away all the enjoyment alongside. It is not surprising that you lost the motivation to learn just because learning has just become a chore for you. Since the pressure of doing well in exams have become so stressful that you forgot that learning is itself a great fun. Plus, it is much easier when you enjoy doing it. Bring back all the fun back for the sake of improving your grades.


Author Bio: Catherine Hornby is the former professor of Education at Caralyn University reviews – a renowned name in the industry of online education. Before working for the university, she had a work experience of 15 years at some other reputable institutes around the world. She is interested in writing content on a variety of educational topics like K-12, webinars, online pre-recorded lectures, and many others.

Since Catherine is in the favor of online learning courses, she loves watching young people become avid learning as well as skilled learners, readers, writers, and more. For her unrivaled writing skills, she has received “the best writing” award may times. Regardless, she is passionate about different sports specially baseball.

These days, she is living with her two children and busy in their right upbringing.