The role played by IT departments in the modern day business environment has continued to gain prominence. This is partly due to the fact that businesses highly rely on the services of the IT department to respond to the changes happening within their industry and partly due to the emergence of a customer base whose needs and preferences are ever-changing. Hiring IT professionals for the IT department has become a taunting task especially with the competition that has hit the IT labor market where big companies such as Google and Facebook are competing for the same talent with smaller companies. To brave this competition, your organization will need to adopt a unique hiring process which advocates for the following rules:

Rule No. 1: Establish a stringent hiring process

There is no need to hurry and hire half-baked professionals. What your firm needs are experts who know exactly what they are doing. Your firm is in a competition with its closest rivals to create customer and shareholder value and bring the best innovations to the market. Take as long as you need to screen every applicant. “One of the worst things in the world you can do is build your first 10 employees with B-level people”, says Steve Newcomb, founder and CEO, Take your time and hire A-level people as part of your initial IT team.

Rule No. 2. Don’t hire “Gurus”

Building the best IT team for your organization will require you to stay away from gurus. This might sound like a bad thing. However, hiring gurus is not cheap. You might need to spend all your resources head hunting a few gurus and then be left to fill the other vacancies with lower level IT professionals. Clearly, you don’t want that for your firm. What you need is a team of professionals who can work together in a team environment and deliver the innovations needed to catapult your business forward. Kyri Sarantakos, VP of engineering at TheLadders, a job matching service observes that having one guru and several lower level professionals can be destructive to the IT team.

Rule No. 3: Hire based on Talent

Talented IT professionals are the best for your business. These will bring in fresh and innovative ideas needed to push your business to the next level. Don’t be overly fixated with employee loyalty. As far as IT experts are concerned, loyalty is overrated. Instead, you should focus on harnessing as much output as possible from your new hires. Always ask self, what does the business need at the moment? By answering this question, you will be able to able to design and implement a strategic IT staffing plan which will address both the short, mid and long-term needs of your business. Newcomb observes that it is best to invest in talented professionals who will benefit the company in the interim even if it means that one day they will move on to bigger projects.

Rule No. 4: Prioritize Cultural Fit

Every organization has its own organizational culture. It is highly advised that you consider hiring employees who will fit perfectly in the organization. A tech firm such as Google has its own organizational culture. Those planning to work for Google must possess the cultural fit needed to work with Google. If such a big tech firm understands the need to prioritize cultural fit during its recruitment, then it means that this is one rule you cannot overlook when hiring IT professionals for your company. Newcomb observes that the votes cast by employees for new hires at are influenced both by the coding skills and the cultural fit of the potential hire.

The rules above might not be conclusive but at least the set the tone for hiring IT professionals who will not only be the best fit for your organization but also ensure that such hires become successful investments. Following the rules discussed above will ensure that you hire IT professionals who will bring value to your company.


by: Sia Hasan