There are a lot of issues in the manufacturing industry right now. Not only are workers being displaced by technology, but American manufacturing has lost market share to factories overseas. There are far fewer people employed in this industry in the United States than in years past. However, there are some positive signs for manufacturing as a whole. More consumers are starting to look at where a product is manufactured before making a purchase. In addition, technology is helping to enhance a lot of the productivity in the market. Although workers are having to learn new skills, big data is making the entire industry more profitable and safe.


One of the most expensive things to deal with as a manufacturing company is an accident that occurs in a factory. There are a lot of precautions that should be taken to prevent issues. Safety is always a good investment of both time and money. The big data technology can actually predict when an accident is going to happen. This prediction is not always right, but it shows the power of big data in an industry like manufacturing. Over the years, there have been a lot of advancements in this industry to make it competitive with the rest of the world.


For many years, workers in this industry kept losing jobs to automation and to foreign workers. Many industry experts believe that automation is going to continue to take away jobs in the future. However, in many foreign nations, the wages are starting to rise. Although the wages are not close to what they are in the United States and other developed nations, it is still enough to increase the cost to produce goods in those areas. This should lead to more jobs being produced in the United States because the profitability is becoming lower in moving jobs overseas.

In addition, big data is providing jobs for people in this industry. When many people think of manufacturing jobs, they think about low-skill jobs where a person stands on an assembly line. Although that may have been true 50 years ago, this is no longer the case. Working for a manufacturing company is all about increasing efficiency. This may require data analysis on a constant basis for a lot of companies. The fastest growing sector of jobs created in this industry is actually dealing with big data and using it to increase profitability.

Reduced Waste

Another important way that big data can help in manufacturing is to reduce waste from production. There are a lot of people who are excited about all of the positive trends in this area. Manufacturing was seen at one time as being harmful to the environment. Over the years, the industry has used big data to reduce waste and improve overall efficiency in production. An automated warehouse uses a lot less energy than others. Much fewer materials are wasted in the production process than ever before. Not only does this improve profits for the business, but it also helps them improve their standing in society based on environmental concerns.

Future Trends

There are a lot of trends in the manufacturing industry that are here to stay. There will never be dozens of people working on an assembly line again to manufacture a product. Technology is the way for developed nations to compete in this industry. Big data is essential to using technology improve overall efficiency in the process. There are many companies that are starting to look for ways to take their company to a new level in the years ahead using this technology. Although technology has displaced some jobs in this industry, it is opening up a lot of opportunities with other jobs and big data.


by: Sia Hasan