We all know about the wireless charging technology Ikea is building into some of its pieces these days, but the new breed of connected furniture will do much more than just power up your phone.

Take the clever Curvilux nightstand. This accommodating bedmate can answer calls, stream your music, set the mood lighting and charge your devices. Via the accompanying smartphone app, users can even program lighting to set up a simulated sunrise alarm clock.

Its inventors, a team of entrepreneurs from Colombia and Argentina, developed the Curvilux in response to a real problem: how to meet the electrical needs of everyone in a shared household.

“I only had one nightstand for the two of us, but it’s where we had all of our devices – smartphones, tablets, speaker and lamp,” co-founder Rodrigo Morelli told Curbed “As you can imagine, it was chaos. We said, ‘We can do better’.”

With the tech features in the bag, they worked with a design firm to make the piece look “less like a gadget”, and the result is a stylish, Scandinavian-inspired product you’d be happy to take to the bedroom… see more

source: scmp