IT IS that time of day your belly starts to rumble. But before you whip out your tupperware, take a look at this list of foods your colleagues can’t stand.

Hope it’s not what you have for lunch.


This was a general theme among our informal poll of what not to eat at work. It seems everyone objects to the smell of seafood, and don’t even mention the fishy bits left in the sink after you drain a can of tuna.

Salmon, tuna, sardines, mackerel and heating up the Sunday fish pie were deemed the number one offence. Although if you are a religious tuna eater, don’t worry, you’re definitely not alone.

“I eat tuna in the staffroom all the time. #yolo!” Kasie Hunter wrote on the Facebook page.

“Tuna. Half the people at my workplace eat tuna for lunch. The smell takes over the lunch room, so disgusting,” Nicole Louise Ellis said.



Smells ... delicious. Picture: Supplied

Smells … delicious. Picture: Supplied Source: Supplied


They might make an amazing dinner, but powerful smelling curries and the potential for microwave explosions mean they’re not a favourite among your colleagues.

Also, if you’re having a tupperware party on the bench, beware, you’re being watched.

“My pet hate is people who bring a heap of foods in containers and prepare a meal at lunchtime. Reason being is it disallows room in the refrigerator and bench. It is seen as selfish and disrespectful when in some cases people are bringing in five containers or more full of things to make,” one reader said.



The smell of bananas is enough to send some people crazy. Picture: AP Photo/Amy Sancetta.

The smell of bananas is enough to send some people crazy. Picture: AP Photo/Amy Sancetta. Source: AP


Innocently trying to get your five-plus a day? It seems even peeling a banana is enough to warrant death stares. And don’t even think about leaving that smelly peel lying in an office bin.

“Bananas are possibly the most arrogant and offensive foods,” Kat Erpillar wrote on Facebook. “People eat them and are all like ‘Oh-ho-ho I’m so sneaky with my smooshy banana. you can’t hear me crunching. so sneaky!’ when I’m sitting on the other side of the office or, heaven forbid, stuck in an enclosed space with the offender and their offensive, pungent NOT SNEAKY banana. I really hate bananas. A lot.”

While Marcey Supergirl Papandrea has a problem with mandarins: “They stink and the smell actually is a trigger for migraines for me.”

Others said nothing is as offensive as the durian fruit found in Asia.


Even the humble egg was offensive to some people.

Even the humble egg was offensive to some people. Source: News Limited


Weird combinations

You might love to drench your pasta in ketchup or pour maple syrup on your salad, but your colleagues are likely not a fan of your unorthodox combinations.

Reporters in the offices recalled days where “sweet and sour pork and a bottle of Reschs” was standard for lunch, or “oysters and a box of jatz” comprised a classy afternoon snack.


The smell of garlic bread is enough to put some people off.

The smell of garlic bread is enough to put some people off. Source: News Limited


Strong smelling foods

If you’re making your own garlic bread or microwaving popcorn at work, your colleagues may be pegging their nose behind you. Even the humble boiled egg copped flak for being offensively smelly to some people.

Corrienne Dias-Verbon said a woman in her office even comes down to her floor specifically to make garlic bread. While Shane Childs described microwave popcorn as a “foul smelling concoction”.