A total of 222,299 people who had overstayed their visit visas, and other non-work visas, have left the Kingdom since the beginning of the amnesty period, according to the Passports Department.
The department said 859,027 foreign workers left the country on exit-and-return visas during the same period.
Checks will take place on the streets and at public places after the grace period ends on Nov. 3, said department spokesperson Lt. Col. Ahmad Al-Luhaydan. Undocumented expatriates who are not eligible for the current amnesty will not be allowed to leave, he said.
A person needs to prove his identity either by fingerprinting or by producing their original passport or iqama to benefit from the amnesty, he said. Cases of huroob (where workers run away from their employers), which were reported after the amnesty began, would not benefit from the amnesty, he said.
These workers will not be able to transfer to other sponsors, he said.

source:  arabnews