As the country’s economy picked up in the past two years, jobs have opened up in a number of sectors.

Various reports have stated that 2013 has been a relatively decent year so far with many more jobs expected to be added as we approach November, the host nation for the World Expo 2020 will be decided, with Dubai, UAE, a clear front-runner.

If you are still scouting for a job or are unsettled in your current one and looking for a change, below is a list of sectors that added the most jobs last month with the average salary that one can expect.

Jobs in these sectors have grown at a decent clip and are expected to increase in the months ahead. As per jobs portal, these sectors were most promising in August.


Last month, accounting/banking/finance was the fastest growing job role in the UAE.

About 4,156 new professionals were added in this sector, as per the statistics of The average salary of a professional in this sector is Dh11,900 ($3,240) per month.


As construction work increases, so goes up the demand for engineers. This particular area of expertise saw thousands of jobs added last month.

A good 3,728 new professionals were added to the market and figures show that the average salary for engineers in the country is Dh13,266 ($3,612).


Management professional came third on the list with 3,370 new positions being added with an average salary of Dh20,888 ($5,687).


UAE consumers are buying once again and the demand for sales professionals is also on the rise. Bayt data shows that 2,962 new professionals were added last month with an average salary of Dh10,743 ($2,925).


Technology/IT is also picking up with 2,316 new professionals added to the country’s job market last month.

The average salary for these professionals is Dh13,601 ($3,703).

source : emirates247