Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has urged a group of women in Mediterranean Turkish province of Denizli to have at least four children rather than his previously advised three.

Erdoğan arrived in Denizli on Saturday and spoke before a crowd of his supporters in Delikliçınar Square. He was then awarded with an honorary doctorate by Pamukkale University. After spending a night at the local Police Guesthouse, he came to the Sarayköy district to attend the opening ceremony of the Kızıldere geothermal energy plant built by Zorlu Energy Group.

After speaking about Turkey’s energy scorecard on stage, Erdoğan approached a group of women who were applauding him and told them to have at least four children. “Three children are not enough. Have four,” Erdoğan told them.

Erdoğan has noted in the past that Turkey’s annual population growth rate should be at least 2.5 percent and if Turkey continued with its existing trend, its population would rapidly become an aging one after the 2030s. Erdoğan has also linked aging populations and low birth rates in European countries to economic recession.

He previously urged Turkish families to have at least three children to maintain the country’s economic growth in the future.

 source: todayszaman