DUBAI // After breaking the world record for the largest fireworks display the world has ever seen, experts say the extravaganza will be a huge success for Dubai as a destination.

More than 78,000 fireworks had to successfully explode to beat the 2012 record set by Kuwait. But on the crescent of The Palm alone, there were more than 100,000 fireworks set up, in addition to 300,000 spread across the island and the World Islands 
for the six-minute show.

On Wednesday, the Guinness World Records team of inspectors visited the sites to assess exactly how many fireworks were successful so the final figure will be ready for the record books.

Stephan Schupbach, general manager of the Jumeirah Zabeel Saray hotel on The Palm, said the event was “fantastic” for both The Palm and Dubai as destinations. In addition to the hotel’s 1,200 guests, a further 2,000 non-residents had been at its various outlets to see in the new year at the prime location for the show.

“Dubai is an expensive destination but as long as we can continue to offer these kinds of events, it all helps.”