Dubai:If you’re living in Dubai and you sometimes fancy settling down in other European and Asian cities, like Paris, London or Hong Kong, it may be a good idea to just stick around.

According to a new research that polled more than 14,000 foreigners living abroad, expatriate life in Dubai is still better than in a lot of cities in popular tourist destinations.

Dubai, as well as Abu Dhabi, has been voted as one of the 25 best places for foreigners looking to live and work overseas.

The third edition of the annual InterNations Expat Insider 2016 survey, which looks at the general living situation of expatriates by polling more than 14,000 respondents around the world, ranked Dubai as the 22nd best destination for expatriates, ahead of London, Paris and Rome. Abu Dhabi occupied the 20th place.

The two cities earned high approval ratings in the area of personal safety, with 64 expats in Abu Dhabi and 63 per cent of expats considering their personal safety to be “very good”, much higher than the global average of 38 per cent… see more

source: gulfnews