Lebanese authorities have not yet taken a decision as to whether they should grant a visa to Ania Lisewska, a Polish woman who is on a quest to sleep with 100,000 men from all over the world, Lebanon-based The Daily Star reported on Wednesday, citing a general security source.

The source in Lebanon said that they have not received a visa application from Lisewska.
“When we get her request, we will decide on the matter,” said the anonymous source quoted by the Lebanese newspaper The Daily Star.

Earlier, the country’s national news agency had reported that security officials barred Lisewska from entry to the country.

Arab interest

Lisewka had expressed particular interest in the Middle East.
Earlier this week, she wrote in her blog that she planned her world tour in September, and plans in October to “visit as many countries as possible.”
“I hope that I get also permission to enter the Arab countries and meet with men,” she added in the blog post.

Earlier this month, Lisewska’s alleged plans to enter Egypt was blasted by the country’s Islamists as “dirty” and “unwelcomed.”

Lisewska said on her Facebook page last month that “the fun will take about 20 minutes per person, depending on how many people there are on each day.”
In August she was reported to have made sex with 284 men and she needs to dedicate 33,000 hours, or 3.8 years, to complete the mission – assuming she works day and night, seven days a week with no breaks or food.

Lisewska slammed accusations from Facebook users that she had contracted a sexually transmitted disease, posting a picture on her blog of a blood test certificate showing her free from infection.

source: alarabiya.net