One of the challenging strategy that all the teachers face during their career of teaching is behavior management. Some of the teacher were by birth have good to control the behavior of student effectively but some teacher work to maintain that strategy. It is important to clear that all students and all classes are different from each other. So for that teacher must know how they cope with this situation.

As there are various strategy introduced for better behavior management in the class room.

Although there is a combination of different strategy that ensure you to keep the atmosphere of class good so that learning productivity were increase. According to Veteran, he use some strategy to increase time of learning so that students can not interrupt during lecture.

Establish Rules and Expectations Immediately

It is right that the starting days of school is very important because it give an impression of your whole year, it is right that first impression is the last impression. Must remember that starting few days in the school are very dangerous. Also students are doing very well behave and concentrated in these days, so here it’s a chance for the teacher to catch the students attention. And your overall tone depict the remainder of the year.

Rule and expectation are two different term. Rules are adverse in nature and contain a list of things that teacher does not want students to do. Expectations are positive in nature and which include a list of things that a teacher wants students to do

Both can play a role in active behavior management in the classroom.

Rules and expectation are design very simple and in a straight way that cover all necessary point of behavior management. It is essential that they are well structure escaping ambiguity and verbosity that can be creating misperception

It is also important to limit how many rules and expectations you establish. It is suggested to write few proper rule and expectation rather than hundreds which cannot remember.

Practice! Practice! Practice!

All expectation should implemented within the starting days of course. You get success when you do habitually repeating this. This is achieve when you repeat it at the beginning of the year. Some people thing that it is just a waste of time, but the people who put do efforts in the beginning of the year will definitely get the fruits all over the year. So every expectation should be debated and experienced until it becomes routine.

Get Parents on Board

It is important that teachers create meaningful, trustworthy relationship starting in the school year. If a teacher wait till the issue is rise to your parents, parents should know the rule and expectation of their children school. Now there are many means of communication of parents and teacher maintain. So teachers should use Do My Assignment these means of communication for good relation with parents. More contact with those students parents who have behavior problem.

Keep the discussion completely positive in nature. It is likely that this will provide you with reliability as they are probably not used to hearing positive comments about their child.

Be Firm

Do not angry if your students are not listen to you, or break down their rule and expectation. Especially not to do at the starting of the schooling. A teacher must get their cheery in early. They can ease up as the year developments. This is another vital aspect to maintain the tone. Teachers who have choose different approach will face a hard time of behavior management all over the year. Mostly students will learning a structure environment.

Be Consistent and Fair              

Remember never inform your students that he or she is your favorite.

Most of the teachers say that no students his favorite, but actually it is not true there are some students that are more attractive than other students. It is important that you are good and reliable, no matter who the student is. Also give same punishment to all students do not be injustice with same students. Also history is one factor that effect your class room discipline.

Stay Calm and Listen

Do not hurry for anything, if student explain any story to you. Also before going through a conclusion should inspect all the factor properly. May be its take our more time, but give an effective result?

Also it is important to calm as well as. It is easy to react on any situation, also do not take any decision when you are happy or emotional. It will not only reduce your trustworthiness, but could make you a target from students looking to exploit on a weakness.

Handle Issues Internally

The main stream of the discipline area need to be talk by the class room teacher. Which is teacher sending student to the principal with all discipline related issue either it is small or big. Principal also blame teachers that you are not appropriate in handling a class room related problem. Sending students to the principal reflect your lack of control over the class room. According to the research if you send more than five students per year to the office then you will need to change your approach of behavior management.

Build Rapport

Teachers who are well popular and respected are less face problem in discipline area than the teacher who are not. These are not making that just happen. They are made over time by giving respect to all students. Once a teacher develops reputation, their job in this area becomes easier.

This type of relationship is built when you invest time in building relationships with students that spread outside what happens in your classroom. Taking an interest that what is going on the lives can be as well appealing in developing positive teacher student relationships.

Develop Interactive, Engaging Lessons

As class room is a place where student involve with different activity and less chance of behavior related issue. There is a responsibility of a teacher to design a creative lesson that is attractive as well as involve students. Most behavior issues create due to frustration or boredom. Trained teachers are able to eliminate both of these issues through creative teaching style. The teacher must be fun, loving, keen and excited while distinguish lessons to meet individual needs in the classroom.


by: Enrique Richard