Artificial intelligence, IT Transformation and other forms of advanced technology has helped the tech industry increase in size and importance. Particularly there are certain communities where the tech industry has flourished more than others. Below are ten cities where the tech industry is on the rise.

  1. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Don’t let size fool you. Amsterdam is a growing city with advanced technology. Amsterdam may have only a third of Berlin’s population but technology is drawing people there for job opportunities. The combination of financial technology, energy efficiency, and startup culture are factors that have helped Amsterdam become the powerhouse of Europe. The city is home to numerous innovative companies that embrace the open and creative tech scene.

  1. Singapore

A high number of programmers and capitalists tend to take shelter in Singapore. It is constantly introducing new infrastructure and high-tech high-rises. Singapore partnered with MIT to build smarter transportation systems infrastructure that relies less on private cars and more on public trains and light rail. Being one of Asia’s more wealthier countries and with a business-friendly government, Singapore is known as a great place for companies to come and test their latest technology.    

  1. Toronto, Canada

Toronto is home to many startup companies. In fact, about 30% of Canada’s IT firms have fewer than 50 employees. Although at present they may be small, the companies can make a bigger impact over the next decade as they continue to grow. The small start-ups have support from other, wealthier corporations as well as access to incubators and accelerators.

  1. Taipei, Taiwan

According to research, Taipei is the far-and-away leader when it comes to industrial design. This city prefers to use hardware rather than software. Larger PC companies are known to make Taipei, Taiwan their home. Some of these PC companies include Asus, MSI, Gigabyte, and Acer. Taiwan’s communications technology companies play a key role in the global supply chain for electronic products.   

  1. Boston, Massachusetts

Over the last several years, a large number of successful technologies have been coming from Boston. Many of these technologies spring from the biotech and robotic fields. The city has a number of venture capital firms that bring money into innovation labs and university startups. Big-name companies such as Facebook and Amazon have set up R&D offices in Boston.  

  1. Los Angeles, California

LA is known across the country for the film industry, aka Hollywood. In 2014 a report by the LA County Economic Development Corporation suggested that Los Angeles has more high-tech sector jobs that other areas in the US. The report also discovered that the total wealth output of the industry is roughly $58 billion. Startups and venture capital play a large role in LA’s tech sector boom.

  1. Seoul, South Korea

Seoul has been called the “city of the future”. Innovation is practically built into the design of the city. Seoul files more patents than almost any other city in the world. It has developed technology that is already commonly used as well as tech still in the beginning of the startup process. Some of these technologies include virtual stores where users are able to scan pictures of items that will be delivered at a later time.

  1. New York, New York

New York is known as a different type of tech heavyweight. It tends to be both extremely dated in the infrastructure, but also unbelievable progressive. Nearly 7,000 high-tech companies in New York City provided more than 100,000 jobs. This kind of success has continued to supply jobs throughout the years. Along with starting companies, New York City has launched different integrated citywide technology. Some of this technology includes a free Wifi supported by over 500 kiosks around Manhattan that is also available for the public use. Many experts believe that the city is just getting started.

  1. London, England

Throughout the years, London has become a public transportation dream with the introduction of the Crossrail project. It is estimated that by next year, ten new train lines will connect with the 30 existing stations. London has slowly gained more startups and programmers than almost any other city in the world. There may even be more IT jobs in London than in parts of California. It is estimated that there will be about 11,000 new tech jobs added within the next decade.

1.San Francisco, California

While other cities are slowly growing their tech industries, San Francisco is still considered the top contender. From its gigantic startup culture to its venture capital scene to its population of designers and programmers, San Francisco is the undeniable epicenter for all things tech. Although smaller contenders are fighting for the title of top dog, the city by the bay is still ahead of the game.


by: Rick Delgado