A dog became the hero of the day when it saved a baby from going into the water on a beach in Turkey.

In a true display of what it means to be man’s best friend, the dog was filmed coming to the rescue when the child crawled towards the waves.

The pet dashes after the child heading for the sea, and lying down in the baby’s way.

The short video was filmed at Kabak Bay on the south-west coast of Turkey.

The dog is seen playing fetch in the background as it spots the baby crawling across the beach.

The child is seconds away from the shoreline when the dog stands in its way, stopping it from reaching the water.

Seconds later, the child’s mother picks up her child, praising the loyal dog.

The phrase ‘man’s best friend’ goes back for centuries, and guide dogs have been used to aid the blind since at least the mid-16th century.

During the Great War, guide dog training schools were set up in Germany to aid injured soldiers and spread to Britain in the early 1930s with The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association established in 1934.

Today, guide, service and hearing dogs are exempt from normal pet regulations on public transport and in restaurants and establishments.

source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk