Modernism is not something that is to be criticized or degraded. There are several good features of this phenomenon of the evolution of history and culture. Modernism never intends to attempt to dissolve the high moral values of the past. Instead, it is something that gives new meaning and unique flavor to the existing ideas and traditions. There is somehow a conflict between the modernity and ethical and moral values of human society. Some of the modern customs of today’s world are much strange and morally and ethically incorrect.

There is a trend of being selfish and cruel to the outer world in the sense that no one gets time to talk to others and do something for those who are in trouble. This world seems to be a race of camels, that is said to be common in some parts of Arabia, with children tied to their backs and people never notice when children cry or fall off.  But somehow humans justify such behavior as being fit to the modern social conditions prevailing in the world. If you turn back to pay attention to some fallen tree by the extreme pressure of the wind, you are most likely to be crushed by the other one that is falling or the wind may uproot you from the ground you are standing.

Modern world of machines has actually turned human minds into machines too and all those tender and gentle feelings of kindness and sincerity are long lost. You may get some good friends but at a certain point you’ll realize that no one matters except for yourself at length. The trend has crushed our precious values and uprooted the enthusiasm for being good to people as emphasized by almost all religions of the world. Unfortunately, modern world and customs have no space for religious sayings and moral duties.



By:  Aimon Malghani
BS Environmental Science, GCU Lahore Pakistan