Press Release

The Swedish Right Livelihood Award Foundation, which offers an award often known as “the Alternative Nobel Prize,” announced granting its 2013 annual Award to Lawyer Raji Sourani, Director of the Palestinian Center for Human Rights, “for his unwavering dedication to the rule of law and human rights under exceptionally difficult circumstances.”


The Award will be presented at a ceremony in the Swedish Parliament on 2 December 2013 to Sourani and three other Laureates:  Paul Walker (USA) for working tirelessly to rid the world of chemical weapons; Denis Mukwege (Democratic Republic of Congo) for his courageous work healing women survivors of war-time sexual violence; and Hans R. Herren (Switzerland) for his expertise and pioneering work in promoting a safe, secure and sustainable global food.  This year, there were 94 proposals from 48 countries.


It is worth noting that this Award is granted to persons who have inspiring works in the issues of health, human rights and social justice.  The Alternative Nobel Prize is awarded to persons who work and struggle for a better future in their countries.  Two Arabs had already won this Prize: Hassan Fathi in 1980; and Ibrahim Abu al-Eis in 2003.


(Palestianian Center For Human Rights)