I was grown up listening that Pakistan is an agricultural country. In school, College and now in university I was told that 60 to 70% of our population is related to agriculture directly or indirectly. But according to facts and figures, the GDP ratio of Agriculture in Pakistan’s Economy is just 24.43% and it has shown a decline in past few years. And that is definitely an ALARMING situation for our country. To overcome this issue we need to think where we are lacking and should take concrete steps to resolve this problem.

According to me solution to this issue is to invest in the agricultural sector and for this business community of Pakistan should jump in and start new ventures in primary or secondary agricultural industry. Entrepreneurship in agriculture will surely help us to strengthen our agriculture based economy. To understand the basics of Agri-preneurship i have taken many seminars and workshops and i want to share my views on agri-preneurship and things beginners should consider while starting an Agri business.

1) Don’t waste your time in pronouncing Agri-Preneurship correctly:
In seminars and workshops related to Agri-preneurship, speakers just waste their time in pronouncing Agri preneurship correctly. So don’t worry and don’t try to pronounce the word properly because it will not affect your business anyways.

2) Follow Roland KWEMAIN’s 4 Ds:
When you are starting your own business you should consider these 4 Ds
a) Desire: It is the first step towards all achievements.
In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.
Bill Cosby
So desire big and stand firm against all the problems come in your way to success.
b) Decision: Keep your mind focused and calculate about the opportunity cost against the decision you are making. And when you decide what to do then just do it.
c) Discipline: Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment. ~ Jim Rohn
So you have to make your bridge strong to accomplish your goal easily and effectively.
d) Determination: In starting of your business you will face many obstacles and to trounce these issues Determination is the key.

3) Need Gap Analysis:
It is basically a tool used by businesses to calculate qualitatively and quantitatively about their future positions and the stuff they can do in existing business position to attain their future goals.
So every agri-preneur should do some brainstorming about the gaps in the market and also the market position, situation and saturation of a particular product, then it is easy to come up with the produce which is new to the market and you can grab more business shares as well as you can easily recognize your product.

4) SWOT Analysis:
Carry out a SWOT analysis before starting a new business venture. SWOT analysis helps you in understand your business better and also in decision making. Assist you in planning your future and put off your weaknesses. By SWOT Analysis you can achieve goals with efficiency.

5) Effective Marketing:
As an agri-preneur you should be more focus towards the marketing strategy of your product. Because it is possible in an agricultural industry that your niche market is may be limited or seasonal so be aware about when and how you are advertising your product.

6) Total Quality Management:
Do more than the customer’s expectations. To lead in the agriculture market and to have a competitive edge amongst the market competitors you should apply TQM to your business. Your quality should be maintained in your goods as well as in your services. If your customer is satisfied with your product and service quality then you will become a successful agri-preneur in no time.

7) Make Connections:
In every business, connections matters a lot! You should be socializing enough to make your own identity in the market and this will help you to make leads especially in the agriculture market of Pakistan.

8) Manage your Accounts:
You should know the basics of accounting when you start your career as an agri-preneur because this will lead you to manage your business easily.

9) Work with a strong Team:
If you want a top position in the market you should have a strong team. So just focus on whom you are appointing in your team. With a strong team you are making your business strong.

10) Be motivated and enjoy your work:

When you enjoy what you are doing then you think innovatively and try to think out of the box, so you should be charged and highly motivated when you’re an agri-preneur. Patience with Motivation is actually a BUSINESS SUCCESS!


by: Haroon Hemani

  • Shafaque Sehar

    A very nice effort indeed!

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    Its a motivational article for starting agribusiness
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    Great job man.. need a strong team in coming future be prepared.

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    Excellent work Hemani ! Well done

  • Standing ovation … fantastic concept and it is delieverd in a very good way… 🙂

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    The need of the 21st Century.. Agri-preneurship!!
    A fantastic concept that needs to be adopted widely.
    Job well done! Thumbs up!

  • S. M. Ali

    The need of the 21st century!! Agri-preneurship!
    A good concept that needs to be adopted widely!
    Job well done!

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