A 92-year-old World War II veteran has avoided being evicted by his daughter after raising nearly $140,000 online.

John Potter, of Zaleski, Ohio, had received an eviction notice from his daughter, Janice Cotrill, and her husband earlier this year, reported WHAS-TV.

Potter’s granddaughter, 35-year-old Jaclyn Fraley, helped him set up a fundraiser on the website,GoFundMe.com, but his daughter rejected multiple offers to buy back the home where he’d lived for 56 years.

Fraley told WCMH-TV more than 5,000 people contributed $139,000 to her grandfather.

The home and tract of land were valued at just under $50,000 in a recent appraisal.

Fraley declined to reveal the accepted offer amount, but she said it was five figures and more than her grandfather’s last rejected offer, which she said was about $60,000.

The remaining money raised online will be used for Potter’s care and to purchase things he might need for his house, Fraley said.

Potter and his now-deceased wife granted general power of attorney to Cottrill in 2004 in case their health declined.

Potter said he learned in 2010 his daughter had transferred the deed to his home to herself, so he shifted power of attorney to Fraley, although it was too late to reverse the deed transfer.

Fraley said community pressure may have convinced Cottrill to accept the most recent offer in advance of an eviction hearing set for next month.

A jury trial was set to begin Oct. 3 after a previous eviction hearing was postponed over the summer.

source: rawstory