There is no denying that the vaping industry has been wildly successful. Non-smokers turn to vaping to add a touch of pleasure to their lives. Smokers turn to vaping to kick the tobacco habit, and it actually works. A jarring 31% of smokers who tried vaping were able to quit smoking within a few months. Beyond these benefits, entrepreneurs are looking to the vaping industry for guidance about running their businesses.

A Wide Range of Choices

Finding an e cig juice that one enjoys can contribute to whether he or she will be a long-term vape user. People have different tastes. That is why you will find a host of different flavors in any vape shop. Some will resemble classical cigarette flavors. Others will be something like vanilla. Retailers who want to mimic the success of the vaping industry should follow that model. Give people options.

Balancing Professionalism With Youthfulness

Retailers will typically follow a particular model. They stringently adhere to the precepts of professionalism. But the vaping industry has shown that there is a more effective way to reach young people. If you walk into a vape shop, you might find some couches, a television set, and a PlayStation. It gives the impression of a relaxed environment, and that makes young people more comfortable.

Balancing Safety With Rebellion

Everybody goes through a phase of finding themselves, wherein they rebel against the values that they have been taught. But still, there is some hesitancy about picking up a cigarette because of the health risks. Vaping is particularly attractive because it is 95% healthier than cigarette smoking, yet it still feels cool and trendy. It is almost an unspoken compromise between the youth and their parents. A creative entrepreneur could follow that example.

Taking Advantage of The Legalization of Marijuana

As a purely economic assessment, the legalization of marijuana is great for businesses. It is a product that young people want. The vaping industry has effectively utilized legalized marijuana, placing stores in areas expected to get heavy traffic. They might even have an advantage over herb shops because they offer unique ways to enjoy marijuana. Entrepreneurs could likewise take advantage of this by selling related products. Even if they are not directly selling marijuana, they could sell products that enhance or promote the marijuana experience. On the other hand, if the entrepreneur is in a state where marijuana is not yet legal, they could state their support for legalization. Young people would appreciate that.


One of the dangers of having a large range of products is that the consumer will be overwhelmed and not know where to start. That is why online vape shops in the UK allow consumers to search for what they want with specific filters. Another related amenity will have to be the knowledge of the employees. If a vape shop tells a customer that they have 700 flavors, the customer will be overwhelmed. But a knowledgeable employee will be able to reduce the options by asking the right questions.

Know Your Customers

Some customers in a vaping shop will be there once a week to get some more juice or new vape tips. Others will only come once a month. Some want a heavy dose of nicotine and others do not want any. Some are beginners and not sure where to start. Employees in vape shops effectively discern between these different types of customers and provide guidance. That rule of thumb will be helpful in any industry.

The success of the vaping industry has received a lot of attention. It has also provided a lot of insight into tapping into the customer base of young people.


by:  Lee Flynn