Various issues are seen among the higher education sector across the globe. Things have been changed a lot and disrupted the functioning of higher education. The concerned authorities for the higher education need to revise the policies of the higher education. 6 hot topics facing higher education sector are discussed in this article.

  1. E.S Difference/High Tuition Fee

The socioeconomic differences among students have created problems in higher education. Students from elite class are dealt differently than the students from lower class. Moreover, the lower class students have not enough financial resources to get admission in higher education. This socioeconomic difference has hampered the academic achievements of students from middle and lower class students.

  1. Lack of Moral Values/Ethics

The moral values are an essential part of education. Students in higher education are lacking the basic etiquettes and ethics. The education is devoid of ethical values these days. Teachers are also not focusing on this aspect. Teachers should teach students to respect other people.

  1. Intolerance & Discrimination towards International Students

The differential attitude of teachers and students towards international students is frequently observed in higher education sector. Students from all over the world have come to attain education and they face a lot of hurdles in their colleges/universities. International students are not tolerated by their peer groups. They have to face discrimination at every place. Sometimes, biasness on the part of teacher is also observed which should be condemned by higher education’ officials.

  1. Bullying

This is the most common issue in the higher education. Bullying hinders the smooth development of personality. Bullying destroys the overall personality of the student. Students, who bully, feel powerful and competent by bullying other students from different social and economic backgrounds. It makes student under confident and worthless, not only in colleges but in society as well.

  1. Favoritism

Teachers are the guides and mentors of their students. Favoritism shown by teachers adversely affects the other students of the class. The other student would feel left out. These students start disregarding their teachers as well. The favoritism on the basis of ethnicity, religion and cast adversely affect the students in their academics. Teachers should give equal attention to each and every student present in the class.

  1. Lack of Discipline and Respect

Students in higher education disrespect their teachers more often. Students in higher education have more autonomy, and they don’t think it important to regard others. The students in higher education also indulge in other activities which affect their academic performance and can also affect their mental growth, such as frequent use of drugs and alcohol might lead to drug addiction in future. Autonomy in colleges and university should make students responsible rather than irresponsible and disregarding to others.

These were the 6 hot topics seen in higher education. The concerned officials and educationalists shouldn’t ignore these issues and must devise affective policies to make higher education free from such malpractices.


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