Education can be used a tool to eradicate all the vices from any society. Terrorism is a growing concern and it is present in different forms in the society. Terrorism usually prevails in societies where education rate is low and don’t have a clear direction in life. Terrorism is a phenomenon and it changes the thinking pattern of the individuals by making them more ignorant and violent. They don’t care about humanity and feel powerful by spreading terror in the society. 5 ways education can be used as a tool against terrorism.

  • Education gives the courage to stand up against terror

Education empowers people with courage. Education changes the stance of people. It gives strength to stand up against the injustice. Terrorism prevails in societies in which people are coward and don’t stand up against cruelties. Education is the nonviolent yet powerful force to give strength against all the odds and injustices in the society.

  • Education proves as a boon in producing leaders in downtrodden societies

Education is a broad concept, it is not just limited to concepts and acquiring dream careers but it also reproduces leaders in downtrodden societies. Educated people have the vigor to take hold of their nation and they lead them through fierce storms by accomplishing all the odds in the way to success. Leadership makes people popular among their society. It gives a clear cut direction to unite people and fight against terrorism. Terror ridden societies always need a powerful leader who can lead people and achieve success in subjugating terror.

  • Education can be used to change the mindsets of perpetrators  

People who are involved in spreading terrorism are usually brain washed. They hold a notion that power can be attained by destroying the peace of the society. They are voracious for power but, they can’t differentiate between power and violence because they are brain washed by their leaders who prepare them for their hidden agendas. This brain washed puppets can be educated to broaden up their thinking and they would be able to differentiate between a true power and violence.

  • Education makes youth more intense in fighting against terrorism

Youth is the most valuable asset of any nation. An educated youth has a motive in their lives. They know that they can curb the menace of terrorism by standing against terrorism. Those nations wipe out from the face of earth whose youth is not educated. Education acts as a motivational force for youth and they muster up courage to eradicate violence and miseries from their societies.

  • Education can be used to spread awareness among people

Terrorism prevails in those nations which are submissive and bow before violence. But, education not only educates one mind but it educates the whole nation. An educated individual tries hard to spread awareness among his people to stand up against miseries in order to get freedom for their kids.

Education emboldens people to fight for their rights. Terrorism cannot withstand the power of education and dies where people are educated and united.


Author’s Bio: This article has been written by Alizay Mark, an Activist, a Philanthropist, and a professional paper writer who writes on social issues, especially education.