Building a successful career is a job that requires a lot of dedication and self-assessment. If you want to boost your career in a year, follow this series of recommendations.

The key to a successful career is to know how to self-analyse your performance periodically and have the courage to make decisive decisions if the occasion requires it. Here are 5 practical steps to boost your career in one year:

  1. Review your goals every six months

In order to advance professionally, you need to be very clear about your short- and long-term goals. Take time in the middle and end of the year to rethink where you want to go, what goals you have reached and which you have still pending in the annual calendar.

  1.  Make an annual evaluation with your boss

If you want to grow professionally, you must learn to receive feedback from your superiors. The outlook on the successes and mistakes you have made in the past will greatly help you to improve your future. If it is not customary for the company in which you work to carry out an annual evaluation formally, request a meeting with your boss to get your point of view.

  1. Take some time off

Vacations are not only useful for resting your mind. Taking some time off in the year will allow you to evaluate more objectively if you are following the right path in your career. During this time it is important that you reconsider whether you are being happy or not at work and what kind of things you would like to concretize in the future regarding your professional life.

  1. Update your resume

Make sure you keep your resume up to date because you never know the opportunities that may come up unexpectedly. Today’s working world moves too fast and job offers should not take you off guard.

  1. Evaluate what you have learned during the year

In addition to a list of the goals you have achieved in the year, it is important that you think about the new things you have learned. Be aware of the knowledge you have acquired and evaluate how you can apply them to improve your professional performance in the future.



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