Technology has become a fundamental part of every profession and field of life. Technology has served medical field in various ways. Quality of life has improved a lot with different health facilities provided by technology. Now, people don’t have to suffer from painful treatment procedures and precious lives are saved as well. 5 advantages of technology are discussed in this article.

  1. 3D Printing

3D printing technology has been effectively started in different health care institutes. 3D printing technology has helped many patients who need organ transplant. This technology is efficiently working for amputees by providing them prosthetic limbs. 3D printing technology is also beneficial for people with hearing issues. It is providing them best hearing aids. There is no need of organ transplantation because 3D technology is used to create the perfect organ which is suitable for the patient and which matches the patient as well. 3D printing is used for teeth alignment, facial prosthetics, and organ printing which matches the patient’s cells so the chances of incompatibility are reduced if we use 3D printing technology in medical world. In future years this technology would be most commonly used in different medical institutes.

  1. Development of Brain Computer interfaces

This technology is used to control the movement of prosthetic limbs by giving the brain senses through computerize recorded pattern. Now, the disabled people can move freely or they can be handled by their loved ones to monitor their brain activities which are coded into movements. The brain senses are transferred to prosthetic limbs with the help of Brain Computer Interfaces which are also known as BCIs.

  1. Accuracy and Precision

Millions of people have died because of improvised treatment options available in previous era. But, now, technology has helped in medical field by providing them better machinery which not only helps in accurate diagnosis but also gives the precise timeframe required by an individual to recover from any disease. Different kinds of machines are available which are accurate to predict the health conditions of the patients. Technology has given patients knowledge about their illness and they can also get different tips to recover from their specific diseases which are not as severe or are minor in nature.

  1. Better Recovery Chances

Better health facilities have changed the medical world a lot. Cancer, TB, Aids, and various other fatal diseases are now being cured with better facilities and patients suffer less as compared to primitive era. MRI scans and other options are available to record the brain activities which help in psychiatry and medicines are given as per the demands of patients’ current medical conditions. Now, they don’t have to suffer from brutal treatments like exorcism in which the skull was broken to treat psychological problems. Technology has provided easy and less painful treatment plans for patients suffering from poor mental conditions.

  1. Medical History is Recorded and Easy to Track

Doctors can now note and track down patients’ medical history in urgency. This digital computer technology has benefitted medical staff to keep the track record of patients’ medical histories. It has also helped in saving time because computer tracking is fast, accurate and can be stored for ever.

  1. Patients Can Reach their Doctors Easily

Patients can now consult their medical doctors by booking appointments online on internet. It has saved the patients’ time and they can reach their desired doctor by online booking of appointments.

These are the 5 most common advantage of technology in the medical world. Technology has undoubtedly improved the health care systems with better life conditions. Further researches are going on in the medical world to further serve the humanity.

Author’s Bio: This article has been written by Alison Daewon, a Surgeon, Social Activist, and a Writer who provides Custom Essay Help writes on different topics related to health and technology.