Education can bring a significant change in one’s personality. When one person educates himself, and by educating himself, I mean, to learn something and implement it, they get the power to educate others too. That’s how change is occurred. Education can undoubtedly bring a vast change in today’s world assignment writing service also done in past.

Education; an inverse of poverty

Education can certainly raise one’s livelihood and by strengthening livelihood of individuals, whole country’s economy can be exalted. It is estimated that 12% of world’s poverty can be eradicated by educating our population at least up to basic reading skills. Education can not only help one to attain a job but also secure it. That country definitely attains altitudes of success where education is easily available for every person. 21% of world’s population still lives in poverty and one way to decrease this percentage is educating its people

Education; a cue to gender equality

2016 Woman is much confident, independent and reserve far more rights than a woman century ago. The most premier reason behind this “Wonder Woman” figure is an access to education. Educate a woman and you inculcate an entire family. An educated woman in today’s society can fight for her rights thus leading to less violence and stand firm in the society. Still, about 17% of the world’s adult population is uneducated and most of them are women. So by educating women a peaceful, justified society can be developed.

Education; road to peaceful to society

Education can be used as a tool to create a peaceful society. Since education eradicates chances of poverty, it also eliminates chances of crimes. The more educated citizens are, the less they would have the need to steal, thus creating a peaceful environment around the globe.

It also helps in building healthy relationships among countries as there’s no need to disturb world peace if each country is prospering in its own manner.

Education; leading a healthy lifestyle

People value health. There’s nothing more important to an individual than his health. Studies show that a well-educated person can easily differentiate between what’s right and what’s not for his health. Thus by opting a healthy life style, health risks are depreciated and this also helps in raising financial benefits as it is no secret, how expensive hospital treatments are today.

To conclude, Education’s boons are not limited. Education can and education has made a difference. If we look back we can easily compare that our society’s environment has for sure developed and if we keep on educating ourselves and others, in no time we will achieve a planet of peace and humanity. As without education we are nothing but humans with no humanity.

“Education is a road to success and the power to build that road is in our hands.”

Author Bio: The author, George Lucas, is an eminent motivational speaker. She is a BBA graduate from a well-known university in US. She is currently getting her MBA degree in Human resources from UK. You can take after him at