Since few years, the marketing tactics has changed drastically than the average marketer of 5 years ago and business has become the forefront of technology. It is now a part of every big and small business. The business world is leaning more toward technology as year’s passes by and now these two has become inseperatable.

Business has always occurred even if we talk about centuries ago. It began with a simple barter system and not it looks nothing like it was centuries ago. Technology has become a major part of business and not, if we take away the technology from a business, it will fall into a catastrophic collapse. Because, every business now involve operations and transactions that can only be made by using any of the technology. It affects our efficiency in work and relationship of a business. In 20th century, the emerging computers promised us a new age of information technology, American Airlines started using computers for booking flight and Bank of America introduced automated-check processing system. But now, most of the business is conducted over personal computers.

Technology has vanished the barriers of distances and more and more businesses are introducing overseas outsource jobs. If we search for home-based jobs, we will find plenty of them that are reliable and companies are willing to pay hefty amount of checks to people who wants to work from their homes. Don’t be surprised to know when you order a pizza from home and the employee taking your order is in another country. Many companies are outsourcing duties like computer programming and telephone customer service. It is believed that companies who are outsourcing people from another countries are hurting the job market in their own country. But if we see this from a business point of view, it is a wise decision that saves company a lot, ranging 30-70%

If you want to know about the must have technologies of the year 2017, then read out the list given below.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

It is a term that refers to strategy and technology that is used by companies to analyze customer’s data and interaction throughout the customer lifecycle, with the aim to improving business affairs with customers, providing support in customer retention and increasing sales growth. Having a CRM solution helps sales team to manage better relations with the customers, conduct forecasting and be more active. Now-a-days, growing business manage important information in various ways. Some uses Google documents, some uses Excel Spreadsheet, but the most precious and easy to access is CRM system. It provides customer-facing staff the details about the customers’ personal information, purchase history, and buying preferences, accessible via the cloud.

Social Media Platforms

Few years back, the only platform for marketing a business was through radio ad, print ad, pamphlets, television commercials and magazines. Over the time, there has been an addition in the list. Now the easiest and most commonly used marketing platform is social media. It has progressed from a space for personal interaction into a vibrant marketing channel for businesses of all sizes. Social media is a wonderful avenue to attract actual customers who are willing to buy what you are selling, allows business to communicate to their followers. Social networking websites are now a link between organizations and clients to communicate directly and frequently, establishing durable relations and even permitting them to work together on projects. About 90% of the businesses claims that social media has generated immense exposure for their business and with spending just few hours a week, sales can be increased and they get traffic and recognition with minimum or no cost. The most commonly used social media platforms for business is Facebook, Insagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

Video Marketing Tools

According to some experts, video is the marketing tool that that will nurture your business. Here are the reasons why videos are important marketing tools:

  • Visual content is hard to ignore
  • Videos can be shaped into the form you like, for instance, smart phones, tablets and computer screens.
  • It is highly desirable and people often enjoy it.
  • If your website or page is not working, posting an interesting video will bring traffic.

This is how you can use videos as a marketing tool:

TV Commercial

Despite the rise in internet’s popularity, television still remains the most dominant tool as compared to social media. According to research, an average person spend around four and a half hour of a day in front of a television screen. Advertising on television allows you to show and tell a wide audience your business, despite, it will eat all of your budget. First you will have to spend heavy amount on producing a commercial, then you have to buy an airtime so it can reach the audience.


People only remember 20% of the text they read without a visual. If you want people to remember what you want to feed their mind with, it is a good idea to combine text with images. GIF’s are essential, easy to consume, grabs the attention instantly and way cheaper than producing a video.


If you still think that Snapchat is popular only among the teens, then you certainly don’t have the right know-how that how great this tool can get. More than 150 million users send 9000 snaps every second on Snapchat. The application has added a special area for advertising-supported content from online publishers.  That part of the app, known as “Discover,” displays up to 1 million short video ads every day. Some big names like McDonalds, Sprite, Cinnabon, Sony Pictures, WWF, Audi, Calvin Klein, Taco Bell, Nars and Macy’s are already using this effective video app in their marketing strategy.


With over 1 billion users each month, YouTube is an effective platform that every business owner – big or small- should consider it as a part of their marketing strategy. Because, rather than reading a length article or blog of your company’s product or service, they are more likely to watch an informative yet interesting video. The best example of a company using YouTube to market their product is GoPro. It has its own channel where they keep on posting informative and promotional videos regarding their product.

Social Paid Ads

If we go back to 90’s there was no such thing as social media website. In just few years, there has been an explosive growth of users on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. According to research, there are just 60% of the businesses that are incorporating paid advertising into their marketing strategies of social media. They are missing a massive opportunity, for sure. Facebook is supposedly the highest paid social media platform for business. Once you have invested on Facebook Ads, you will get a better idea about how social media ads tactic is performing so you can begin to incorporate in rest of the platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

Author Bio: Julia Morison is a head hunter and a research specialist at Writing Agency. She loves to help people and is the mastermind behind oxford reference generator.  She is a traveler, a blogger, a techie and a social activist. When she not in her office, she spends her time writing and educating the masses.